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  1. I'm in the same boat of changing embassy. It's been 3 weeks since the transferred and still nothing. Why does it take so long to transfer only the file?
  2. Hello everyone! What is the average time for AOS get approved now? I see lot of people only within 3 months, that’s fast. Especially for office in southern California?
  3. Hello everyone! Does anyone knows how long it take to transfer case file from one U.S Consulate to another? I had requested to transfer my case file from Sydney, Australia to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They (Sydney) have sent the file on Jan 7th via Diplomatic Pouch. It’s been more than 2 weeks now, and I still haven’t got any update for my case yet. Anyone had the same situation and know how long does it take for the file to be delivered? Thank you!
  4. Newer

    Small question

    Thank you frontgear! I see lots of people started booking an interview when their NVC case number became Ready. I just wonder if we can do the same to get the soonest appointment available. Thank you!
  5. Newer

    Small question

    Hi everyone! With the Consulate in Vietnam. If We have our NVC case number. Is it possible to book an interview appointment before the Packet 3 arrived? Thank you!
  6. Hi! How many day after NOA2 you sent them a request to change the consulate? It takes about a week for them to respond. Is it too late? Because I am afraid that they will assign the case number before they read the request.
  7. Hope our time comes soon. But I think don’t expect the NOA2 any sooner than 7 months, because I see some people with NOA1 in March or even Feb still haven’t got anything yet. Good luck to all of you here!!!
  8. Hi AlicerCooper! What is the online public inquiry form for changing the Consulate?
  9. Thank you Greenbaum for all of your helping us out.
  10. Do the petitioners need to scan her/his Biographic page and Visa page as attachments? Or just a beneficiaries need to do it? Thanks!
  11. Thank you! I see lots of people here get approval just in few months. There are some topic for June or even July got approved just in 4-5 months. It looks great!
  12. Hello everyone! I checked on uscis website estimates for AOS 12 month and more for the most office in the States. I see lots of people got approved just by a few months. How come? Thanks!
  13. Newer

    Small question

    I mean it is like the real wedding ceremony, we dress up like groom and bride, go to the church and have big dinner but not register for marriage. She has a big family and they can’t travel to U.S to celebrate with us. So we think of having 2 sides wedding. One in US and one in her home country. It is totally Okay to do that right?
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