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  1. good luck on your visa!
  2. We did not know that would be a problem since her initial entry was not for marriage, we just went to see the family before we got married and came back.
  3. She was not married. We got married after we came back from overseas.
  4. Obviously she did not enter with the intent to stay on her J1 visa when she initially came to the U.S. we happened to meet again and fell in love. I'm worried about the trip overseas that took place after we decided to get married.
  5. Thanks. I'm just worried that they would deny her AOS based on "misrepresentation of intent". A lot of people around me just told me about this 90 day rule and I'm getting freaked out because our marriage date is pretty close to her last entry to the U.S. on her J1 visa
  6. please give me some advise. I'm kinda in a tricky situation. I'm a U.S. citizen and my wife is foreign national who came to the U.S. with her J visa. So this is the story.. She came to the U.S. on her J1 visa without 2 year home country requirement as a visiting scholar in mid May. We knew each other from college and met again after she came to the U.S. and decided to get married. We went overseas for our family reception in September and came back to U.S. and got married immediately (she came back with her J1 visa which is still valid). I'm wondering if that short trip to oversea would reset her 90 day. Her initial entry for the particular J1 visa and the marriage date is more than 90days but the marriage took place shortly after her last entry to the U.S. I'm also thinking about filing concurrently in October and wonder if it is a bad idea. Thanks