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  1. Thanks... i'm goig to ask for the i-140 receipt number... My future Employer is waiting for me in April 2019. I'm assuming that my interview will bem on February. (in PARIS) Portugal embassy doesn't have this "imigration office". Never heard about "visasolutions"... (i decided to take a shot on them) they are taking care of all documentation and forms... I think i'll never have to worry about "papers and forms"
  2. Thank you for the reply. I've made my EB3 Request trough "VISASOLUTIONS", no lawyer envolved... Just want to have an Idea of what can i expect.
  3. Hi, I'm Nuno From Portugal, I've apllied to a EB-3 Visa trough a USA company Sponsorship. (truck Driver) It's the first time i try, and i'm really a "nub" , in this kind subject. Can anyone Help me with some questions? - How long will i have to wait to get some news?? (any kind of news ) - my sponsor have allready submited the "i-40 form"... How can i know if it's all alright? - How long will take all the process? - where can i get any kind of number process? BEst Regards Nuno
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