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  1. Thank you for your advice, I think we’ll do that, it might help with this situation. I appreciate the part where you avoided to give me relationship advice, as I said above, I can think and I know what I’m putting myself through I only needed to know if someone went through something similar and could help me out with the process. Thank you again!
  2. I am an adult with a thinking brain, I know which consequences I might face, there hasn’t been one day that I haven’t researched or tried to get to know everything I need to. So why would I stress over something that’s bigger than me if I wasn’t sure about the person I want to spend my life with? ... it’s easy to judge from the outside. If I’m putting myself through this I have a perfect good reason to.
  3. Yes maybe I’ll tell him we should better wait till he gets out to submit forms. do you recommend hiring a lawyer to go through USCIS investigations? I’m assuming there will be a lot. And how much would that be?
  4. Of course, thank you for your help. I was only asking if it’s possible to make it through these “bumps” and if it’s possible for him to submit forms while at confinement, I’m of course speaking on his behalf too. we really didn’t get that lucky as we thought we would be
  5. His name is not in there. I was at this trial date, and they didn’t mention him being registered as a sex offender, he only got confinement and bad conduct discharge
  6. He will get a bad conduct discharge which is not considered a crime and it’s still better than a dishonorable one, and he won’t get registered as a sex offender. Unfortunately I had to make sure of these things before I got to this decision. Plus, I’m in contact with his family and he would already have a job when he gets out. We are kind of in a rush because the fact we’ll have to wait to be together 8-10 months for his confinement is already so hard, and further time would only make it worse. I know you might think I’m crazy but the situation is not as bad as the law makes it seem like.
  7. Does “proceeding crime wise” mean that he can start submitting forms from the prison? Or is it a whole process that we might have to do once he gets out?
  8. I get where you come from and I’d be the same if heard this from someone else. This happened before we started dating, but he had the trial almost a year later and it’s kind of more complicated than that. It wasn’t really fully his fault. He got convicted for sex with no consense, something like that. Excuse my not proper English
  9. He was charged with a specification of sexual asshault. So regardless of where he is, there’s no exceptions for cases like this? Also, would he be able to do it while he’s at confinement?
  10. Thank you for your response. And how do I get proof of that? Would the prison visit documents be valid as a proof?
  11. Good evening to everyone. Me and my fiancé are willing to get married through proxy. He’s been stationed overseas here in Italy, unfortunately he got in trouble and he is now in a confinement facility in Germany while I stayed here (I am an italian citizen). I’ve done some research and it’s actually possible to go through the proxy marriage process even though he’s at confinement. There’s only one problem. What’s going to happen after we get our marriage license? How do I submit the forms to get a visa? I’ve read the proxy marriage has to be consumed, but he’s in a military prison so that’s pretty much impossible. And he won’t be able to submit or request documents due to his confinement. He’s going to be convicted for 8-10 more months, and once he gets out they’re sending him in the states. Does anyone know what I should do?