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Immigration Timeline & Photos

  1. That is what I did and I got the NOA in my mail yesterday. Delivered 10/09 Text == 10/15 Noa in mail== 11/14
  2. Sent out package Oct 9, to Texas Service Center delivered on Oct 12. Case received with receipt notice text today Oct 16 starting with SRC. The problem is I can't check my case online with the receipt #, it says error
  3. Thank you, we almost sent it to California. You really saved our ###. Thank you.
  4. Our 90 day window opened yesterday and I'm about to send the packet but got confused maybe to send it to California or Texas. I live in texas.
  5. I'm about to send my packet tomorrow but I'm confused if to send it to Dallas or California. I live in Houston, texas. Please help a brother out.
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