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  1. It was accurate, took 2 days before it showed as paid.
  2. Hi we got DQ'd today, however they made a note beside my Trinidad police certificate saying it will expire within 6 months and I should consider replacing it as it may cause delays at the interview. However I haven't lived in trinidad in 7 years and I got the certificate in September, have not returned to the country since that time it was issued. Should i send a message to NVC? Will it be okay at the interview? Should I try to get a new one? (seems a bit impossible with everything that's going on right now, it was hard in the first place getting the original one, while being in Jamaica).
  3. Hi for anyone who has got a trinidad police certificate, is it really just that piece of paper like a receipt book leaf?
  4. Hi everyone, i'm currently filling out the ds 260 for cr1. In the section for additional work/training/edication info they ask if you've traveled to other countries. Is this just meant to be for work related travel or should I put countries I may uave visited for tourism? Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, For those who've filled out form DS 260, under the section work/education/training - additional: where it asks for countries you've travelled within the past years, is it for work/education travel they are referring? Or for tourism related travel? I'm assuming it's for work related travel.
  6. MFS should be okay, i think that's your choice if you want to file separately or jointly. The issue is when you're married and file single, which unfortunately, it seems that because a lot of accountants don't have much experience with immigration, they advise people to do.
  7. Hi everyone, I'd welcome any feedback on this situation. My husband (the petitioner) filed his 2019 tax returns as single (by his cpa), though we got married in September 2019. We realize now that was an error and are planning on doing the amendment. We are in the process of submitting docs for NVC. What we propose to do is submit to NVC his 2019 tax transcript as well as a copy of the 1040x form showing that we are doing the amendments to MFS (We are going to submit it by mail and enter "NRA" in the field asking for SSN.) Will this be acceptable? Depending on when we finally get an interview, I would bring along either the 1040x or the amended tax returns, whichever comes first. Thanks for any feedback!
  8. Got approved! Hang in there everyone! Our timeline: I 130 sent 23/11/2019 I 130 NOA 1 - 29/11/2019 I 129 filed - 24/04/2020 - no update I 130 NOA 2 - 11/5/2020 We were transferred to Texas at some point, not sure when.
  9. Got approved! Hang in there everyone! Our timeline: I 130 sent 23/11/2019 I 130 NOA 1 - 29/11/2019 I 129 filed - 24/04/2020 - no update I 130 NOA 2 - 11/5/2020 We were transferred to Texas at some point, not sure when.
  10. I'm November 29 as well, not seeing any updates on the case tracker app. Did you have to go directly on the USCIS page to see the change?
  11. Should I dare to hope this means the processing time is shortening? I'm all the way in November 2019, so that would be good news.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone will be able to offer us some advice. We filed the I-130 at the end of last year and our case is currently at the Nebraska center. Knowing the current timeline, my husband(the petitioner) is looking to move to my country while we wait for the next step. He has a potential job opportunity and is thinking of applying. Will his leaving the US affect our application? Is it advisable to leave at this point? We are looking at about a year before we hear anything from Nebraska based on current processing times. Is there anything that we would need to submit differently, to let them know he is leaving the US until we are able to get the visa? Thanks for any advice anyone may have to offer.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm aware that we do not need to sign the I 130A form as the beneficiary is overseas. However, do i need to put the date? It says date of signature so i'd assume if i'm not signing it then i don't have to put the date either. Would love some clarity on this. Thanks.
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