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  1. What's a PDF? Anyway, you goofy folks are talking about file types for a paper process. Just plain goofy. We're submitting a photo, which is legible, in place of a photocopy. The photo is very obviously not a photocopy, so I came here for reassurance. Which I got. Thank you. Goofy.
  2. In fact there are two choices: Option 1) Print and send the photo of the I-797, and hope it flies and we never receive an RFE requiring option 2, or Option 2) Submit an I-824 ($465) to request a duplicate I-797 approval notice
  3. Thanks for the feedback! What should be in packet 3? Is that the packet we received when they sent back her passport with the visa inside?
  4. Uploading the photo. I had to reduce the resolution by about 20% just to fit within the forum's 1.46mB file size limit
  5. It's very legible. Perfectly legible. In fact, I think it's higher resolution than a typical scanner. But, scanners may show the watermark/patterns on the paper a little better.
  6. K1 AOS I-485 Part 2 Question 1a. Interesting, thanks for the reply! Why did you have to send in a copy of your NOA1? Isn't that just the notice of receipt of application that you get a few days after sending in the original I-129F?
  7. We think we gave the embassy our original I-797 NOA2, or just lost it along the way. Shame on us, I know. Also, we do not have a photocopy. Believe me, this is embarassing. My question is, has anyone tried submitting a picture instead of a photocopy? We have a very good picture. Thank you in advance
  8. Done and done. Thank you for being the bulldog this website deserves!
  9. California service center filers here, NOA1 of October 23, NOA2 of Feb 26! The URL you want to check is my.uscis.gov. The other one, egov, is not updated for us yet.
  10. My fiancee was born in Kazakhstan, but she only lived there for a month. She grew up in Lithuania and now lives in Ireland and has Irish citizenship. Her birth certificate is in Lithuanian. Should I put her name in Lithuanian characters? Leaving address blank?
  11. I understand, thank you for taking straightly. She is fully informed. I observe on VJ that it is not uncommon for the beneficiary to have the petitioner's criminal records in-hand at the interview, but can anyone agree that it would be beneficial for the beneficiary to write and sign a letter stating they are informed of the petitioner's crimes as indicated in part 3 of the I-129F and include that letter with the I-129F?
  12. Updating my own thread for anyone following. I have sent the letter to a translation service for expedited translation, and I shipped out the request to Germany for their records this afternoon for delivery this Saturday. Does anyone have a link or source showing that background checks on the petitioner do or do not include foreign databases?
  13. Okay - That could take a while. There was no arrest, of course, just a letter in the mail several months after being pulled over. I have a copy of that letter (miraculously), so I guess I will find a translation service? And while I am at it I will send a request in the mail to Germany for their records, which could take a while.
  14. If anyone knows of an existing thread answering this question please send a link. I am a US citizen. I was pulled over by the German police crossing the border from the Netherlands to Germany, and they fined me for having marijuana. This was over 10 years ago. Should this be a concern? Should I mention it on the 129F? Should I attempt to retrieve records from Germany and wait to submit the 129F until I have them?
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