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  1. i have the same situation but they told me ur approved all u need is just submit new joint sponsor and i submitted new joint sponsor next day and its still shows AP
  2. im in the same situation interview was 29th november everything was good only thing they asked me to submit new joint sponsor wich i did on the next day november 30 and stil AP in my status
  3. i submitted all info for the sponsors but its been 7 days and it still shows submitted when is it going to show accepted?
  4. thank u but is there any way i can atlist make sure they received them
  5. i need help i went for my interview in the 29th of november and they told me i need a new joint sponsor and i need to submit new joint sponsors in my nvc account and they issue the visa so i did in the 30th ov november and its been 7 days already my status says AP i need help how long will it be in AP
  6. please let me know when ever u have any updates
  7. i hope ull have some good news very soon
  8. what about after that how long to wait
  9. so when it turns in to accepted then the status will go from AP to issued ?
  10. i submitted my sponsors info at nvc yesterday it shows submitted do u know how long will it take to be accepted
  11. im going to submit the sponsors info tomorrow just wanna make sure what has to be the income for the sponsor
  12. its in Armenia i did the fingerprint and everything and they told im done with interview all i got to do is to submit the sponsors info and send in the passport