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  1. im from Armenia and they told me i will get the letter in about 2 or 3 days
  2. after getting done with the interview howw long it takes to get ur passport back my interview date is november 29 th can i buy the tickets on the 15 december
  3. after getting approval at the interview how long it takes to get ur passport back??
  4. thank u it going to be in Armenia and good luck to u too thank u
  5. i called NVC and they told me my interview date november 29th im so happy
  6. i just got my interview date november 29 th im so happyyyyyyyyyyyy
  7. im calling them right now i hope ill have some good new very soon
  8. congrats so when should we get our interview date notice
  9. My nvc status changed from at nvc to in transit when will i get my interview date ?
  10. when will i get the interview date notice ? my NVC status changed from at NVC to IN Tranist