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  1. Thank You for your help pushbrk. Just to triple check, it shouldn't be a problem that the marriage certificate only shows her maiden name, and, that I for I-130 and I-130a purposes, use her future married name that she intents to use before she actually gets her updated passport and IDs? Is it likely that USCIS will RFE because the marriage certificate does not match her name in the application? (I also plan on writing her name on the other names section). Once again thank you for your help.
  2. Yes she actually does need to register the marriage in El Salvador in order to get her named changed over there 😕 the apostille was needed for the US marriage certificate and make it valid in El Salvador but that has been taken care of. But my hope was that if I could file the application with her new name before she actually updates all her paperwork over there, that would allow me to file several weeks ahead of time. And by the time we need the updated paperwork we would have everything set. But we don’t want to cause any issues on our application if that is not permitted.
  3. I see, so should I use her maiden name to send the application and then update the name during NVC part? Or should I submit the application with her new married name?
  4. dvaquerano

    Confused about I-130

    If you are filling for your spouse, your spouse is the beneficiary. Note that the form asks you information about your current marital status and spouse under Part 2 as part of the "Information about you" section. Then it asks for full beneficiary information in Part 4, this will be information about your spouse too (and some might be similar to information you already filled in Part 2). Please provide part and item numbers so that we can better assist. Thanks, David
  5. Hello VJ Community! I have a question for all, I am a US citizen(naturalized) and I married my wife in the US last December in VA while she was on a tourist visa, we both had family in VA and some delicate family health issues made us celebrate our civil wedding over there. She has now gone back to El Salvador and she is in the process of registering the marriage in the appropriate consulate and local authorities (thats a whole another story! Apostille and everything). When we requested the marriage license in VA they told us we could only use maiden names, and that if she wanted to use my last name, she would have to do the name change in El Salvador, not here. So our marriage certificate only shows her maiden name. Anyhow, my question is that, we want to file I-130 but I am not sure if I need to wait until she changes her surname in El Salvador and gets a new passport, IDs and everything changed to her new name before I can file the application. I don't want to delay the process anymore since we want to be together and we know it will take some time to go through the whole process. Should I wait until all name change process goes through and she gets all documents revised with her new name?(Which could take some time). Or is there anything else I can do in order to submit our application before that and that will not cause us any troubles in the process? What name should I use when filling the application? Thank You! David & Rebeca