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  1. Thank you. No text or email. I checked literally 6-10 times everyday from their website. Lol. I subsribed to the notification platform though.
  2. Hi everyone, I got the approval today! NOA: 07/18/2017 LAST ACTION: APRIL 9, 2018, Case moved to local office CASE # EAC17293*****, VSC Got update from USCIS website of new card being processed yesterday and approval notice today. Didnt apply for citizenship yet. No updates on my personal USCIS log in yet. Goodluck to everyone! 🍰🍨🍧🎆🎇✨
  3. ms.bluemargarita

    sending smart phone to the phil

    As far as i know, they include it in the price list.
  4. ms.bluemargarita

    sending smart phone to the phil

    Oh wow, that is nice. At least you experienced it yourself. Thank you for the advise!
  5. ms.bluemargarita

    sending smart phone to the phil

    To be honest, I know someone from the west coast and just ask them to have my stuff delivered. I might use DHL and LBC next time!
  6. ms.bluemargarita

    sending smart phone to the phil

    So i used UPS, same thing.
  7. ms.bluemargarita

    sending smart phone to the phil

    I have used UPS and USPS, and my stuff were stolen so it will be wise to buy some kind of insurance if in case it doesnt arrive to its destination.
  8. ms.bluemargarita

    Life in America is killing me!!!

    Find some hobbies! Meet some friends and make yourself busy! It is truly a different world here but you know what they said.. life starts once you are out of your comfort zone
  9. NVC should send you a list of documents that she needs to bring.
  10. Hello! Of course the said person can travel as long as he goes back before the card expires!
  11. I have put in tons of pages during my interview and the consul didn't even check it and said my K1 visa was approved. It depends per interviewer, I think just put in the highlights of your relationship.
  12. ms.bluemargarita

    Expired Passport

    Yes, it would be better if you renew your passport!
  13. Hello Soft, condolences to you and your wife's family. Debbie is right, you should select the widow option. I know someone who have the same situation and she didn't have any problem with the paper. Goodluck to you.
  14. ms.bluemargarita

    Age difference

    Hi, it actually depends on the embassy/consulate who will review your case. I had a K1 interview in Manila 3 years ago and there was this couple before me who took 2 hours for the interview to be completed! (The guy was, I think 20-30 years older than the girl) No judgment. And my interview was just 5 minutes! Ayayay. I am sure if you guys can prove that the relationship is legitimate, you dont have to worry at all!