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  1. For those that have already done their AOS interviews, (more so for the petitioner) did you have to bring a copy of your birth certificate or original? Or is the beneficiary the only one that needed to bring their birth certificate? Thanks!
  2. Thanks @Greenbaum My fiance is a very cautious person so he was more so worried about if something happened in the next two weeks that result a hospital visit or so. LOL
  3. Not sure if anyone has ever asked this question, but would anyone know what the case would be if your fiance needs health insurance before you guys get married? My fiance and I are waiting 2 weeks for his family to come into town to get married, but in the meantime he won't be able to get on my insurance until after. Thanks, truly appreciate the answers I've received and more.
  4. I had sent my tax transcripts to my fiance for the P3, in case they needed it. I think you'll be okay with everything you've sent in. Just as long as you've proven that there is financial support for your fiance when he/she comes back, you'll be fine.
  5. Yes, for the US Consulate Madrid, they do not require a wet signature and a photocopy will suffice. Someone else’s had actually told me they didn’t require it and I had already emailed the embassy, which they responded back with a photocopy being acceptable. @Greenbaum You can add this to future questions later on and for your records when helping future K1 petitioners 👍🏻
  6. It was not required! But suggested to bring the hard copy at the interview 👍🏻
  7. It’s like you just read minds Greenbaum! I PMed someone who was a couple weeks before me and they were able to answer! Thank you 😅
  8. I’ve sent an email, I was just hoping someone would give an answer before Monday or whenever the embassy responds. My fiancé has everything and the hard copy is on its way so I just wanted to know if he could send it with the photocopy I’ve sent him.
  9. Would anyone know by chance if a wet signature is needed for the I-134 in Packet 3 or a photocopy is acceptable by the consulate?
  10. Would anyone know by chance if you can turn in a signed photocopy of the Affidavit of Support form for P3s? Or does it have to be a hardcopy with the wet signature on it? Thank you
  11. So you don't have to provide everything from A and B (or C if it applies) You can choose either one. Thank you!
  12. Hi @Greenbaum, or anyone else whose done this part, would you be able to answer a question for me. My fiance has received an email copy of the P3 from the Embassy and I will be completing the I-134 form. I just wanted to know that in the supporting evidence, do we provide all of the things listed below from A to C, or do we choose between the 3 of evidence to provide? I just want to be sure, I mean obviously nothing bad with turning in all three (or A & B) but I would just need to know to get in contact with my bank and get the information needed ASAP to send the documents in. Thank you, I appreciate any help.
  13. I haven't been able to find a thread of how often the Consulate at Madrid hosts Fiance visa interviews so I wanted to know if anyone whose gone through the process or going through it now, how often do they conduct the interviews? I've seen some VJ members post (From other countries) that their interview appointments aren't until mid January. My fiancé and I have just gotten our case from the NVC and will be sent out to the embassy in the next week, I wanted to get an idea of how long until he is able to come back. Also if anyone could let me know how long it took for a case to ship from NVC to Madrid that'd be great and how long it took to receive the P4 after sending the P3 back? Any answer to any of my questions would be tremendous help. Thanks all!
  14. I'm glad i'm not the only one that is experiencing that! I actually had to wait a whole week to get my case number, they received our case on 11/9 and I just got my case number and invoice an hour ago. Hoping you get yours soon!
  15. Question and apologies in advance if this question has been asked already (I've looked through the pages before asking but wasn't lucky in finding the answer or may have looked over it) but I was able to finally get my case number today. I've noticed that people are able to see the status of their case or track their case, may I ask where you are going to find this information? I've gone on the CEAC website and entered in the case number but it just takes me straight to NVC website with the instructions on what to do and what to fill out, etc. I also know that DS-160 is what we are able to fill out now that we've gotten the case number, does it have to be the beneficiary that fills it in or can it be the petitioner? (side note, it keeps timing me out and closing me out of the application, has that happened to anyone recently?) Could anyone shed some answers
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