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  1. Yes I am under 2 year rule. This means I am only eligible for applying non-immigration visas within two years right? Would this make my B2 application easier?
  2. Actually I am from Myanmar. Sorry that wasn't mentioned in the post earlier. I am only eligible for one time visit b-2 for 3 months.
  3. Hello, I am from Myanmar.I was in U.S for nealy six months December 2017 - June 2018 (J1 by DOS sponsored exchange program). During that time, I've started dating my boyfriend and we are having LDRS at the moment. I would like to visit him and his family for a week during Christmas. I am final year in college and I am also employed at my family business as an english tutor as well as part-time language tutor/ engagement representative at a private tutoring service company. Within two years, I have visited Japan and four ASEAN countries (youth leadership program sponsored by Japanese Government) Yet I do not make a lot of money and my cousin (not a U.S resident) and my boyfriend would be taking care of some of my expenses. I am worried as "mentioning boyfriend" seems to perceive as a red flag, an immigration intent. I'll be only staying there a week, as I can't miss out my college for more than that. I have no intent to hide my relationship status with my boyfriend as he will be metioned as partial sponsor for my trip. Any tips for me? Thank you
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