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  1. From what I've been able to see, SSI income, pensions and assets put them well over the threshold. When I was double checking the police check age thing, and you're correct it's 16 and above it mentions the applicant needs one as well, which is me and American citizen, am I understanding that correctly? Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks again for all the replies. Bit of a delay due to unforeseen circumstances. Few more questions and I'm sure I'll have even more in the coming days. On the I-864 since my parents will be the ones helping us, in 1.a they'd be the petitioner yes? What about 1.d or 1.e? My parents are married and reside together. Secondly in regards to the financial support part, does SSI count towards it since they are retired? In regards to police checks, will we need one for our kids 12 and 14 years old? Sorry to be a pain, but we're in a rush, and the language used in these documents confuses the hell out of me.
  3. Ahh thanks for the info everyone, I was going through the form in order and hadn't realized there were additional spots for addresses. Should I be concerned that the I-130 I got off the USCIS website says "Expires 07/31/18"?
  4. Basic Info- I'm a U.S. Citizen residing in Australia. Wife and her 2 children from a prior marriage are Australian citizens. Children aged 12-14 Married less than 2 years. Children not adopted. Will be applying ASAP From what I gather and have been told I need to file 3 I-130 forms, and 1 I-130A, correct? I understand my wife will be interviewed and will need a medical check. Will the children also need medical checks and need to be interviewed? Was told by an immigration attorney it costs roughly, $1700 total for each person. Looking at the fee for the I-130, and understanding there's a cost with medical checks, what other fees are there, and where on the timeline do they occur? We will be using my parents as a joint sponsor. When in the process do we need to have both mine and my parent's I-864 ready and turned in? Reading the guide it seems as though it's not a concern till the interview. If I had my parents do this now, with their last 3 years income tax paperwork would that then be outdated? With this Visa I'm having trouble connection dots as to when my wife would be able to work. When *fingers crossed* we get to the states, we both want to hit the ground running. Guide states we need original birth, divorce, marriage certificates for the interview. Do we get them back or is it best to have certified copies made? When filling out the I-130 I ran into a problem with 12a-15b as shown in the attached image. I have lived a total of 3 places besides where we reside in the last 5 years. When I check the box where it asks is the mailing address the same as my physical address which I take to mean as my current address, 13.b shows up as "Current" and I'm not allowed to change it. I'll list a timeline of where I lived in the last 5 years with just the street name and country. Frankly I'm not sure what to put, and where, in addition to the only 2 address spots allowed on the form. 2012-2015 Philip St, Australia 2015-2016 Edward St, Australia 2016-2017 Dodge St, U.S 2017-Current, Australia living with my then fiancee now wife. Thanks for any and all help that we can get. I'm sure these questions have been asked before, but after several days of searching on here and google we haven't had much luck. Tommy & Rhonda