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  1. Thank you! Good luck in your ceremony! You are almost there! The snow is coming down now.
  2. Just quick update since everyoen has been so helpful. I did my oath ceremony in DC court this Tuesday (Jan 8). One of the main speaker was my immigration attorney's collegue (i thought it was funny). She is AILA Chair for DC chapter. Spent a lot of time to check-in all 122 naturalized candidates and then there was a roll-call (we were each called by name and our country prior to taking the oath) I applied for my passport yesterday and picked it up this morning. Great to be an American!
  3. Yes I was told average wait is 4 months. I thought they were kidding. Apparently not. It will be about months since I was placed in line for Oath. Virginia is quicker because they do Oath in multiple locations.
  4. DC proper residents take their Oath DC Court only. So it takes longer to get scheduled.
  5. My Oath Ceremony will be on Jan 8, 2019! I live in DC proper. I was in-line for Oath since Sep 21, 2018.
  6. Finally!!! My online status changed to Oath Ceremony Notice Was Mailed!! I hope it is for Dec 11 so that I can still travel to Europe!! I will keep you guys posted!
  7. The officer who I spoke with had no clue about the process. He was implying that my oath will be scheduled soon and it can be anywhere in DC area including Virginia. I know that's not true. DC proper is usually done at DC court, It was completely waste of my time. I might try to schedule another infopass again.
  8. Congratulations @coconut0223 I am still waiting for my date. I didn't get much out of infopass this morning!
  9. I have an infopass for tomorrow morning. I will share any updates afterwards. I am not changing my name but in DC proper, they only do Oath ceremonies in court. It's quite a shame it is taking so long while other local offices are able to do same day Oath.
  10. Anyone who lives in proper DC has receive an oath letter? I am still waiting since Sep 21. I plan to travel to Europe in December.
  11. Yeah - I went to Prosperity Office (without Infopass as I am unable to get one). I ended up speaking only to the front desk officer at check-in. She ended up calling another officer who was just passing by. He is the one who talked about the quota and asked me to be patient.
  12. i did a combo interview in mid-march 2018. I passed the civil test and officer asked for time to review my I-751. I had a complicated case/ history) and my immigration file included several big binders. I received approval for both cases about one week apart in mid September 2018. Currently, I am in line for Oath ceremony.
  13. Join the club. I was put in line for Oath Ceremony since Sep 21, and I am still waiting for the date. it is very frustrating. One of the officers told me that for those like me (live in proper DC) have to wait until there is 75 people for oath to be scheduled. He couldn't say when that will be. I am surprised it is so hard to hit the number, I thought the issue is too many people. I hope my oath will happen in Nov 13.
  14. I agree. They are really slow. I haven't found anyone who was approved around the same time.