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  1. Not quite yet. We applied on the 18th last month, but were told they couldn't verify something, so to call them back in 4 weeks. That will be next Friday. I'm hoping the number shows up this week or sometime next so we don't have to call and beg them.
  2. Just curious, once your 90 days for the K1 is over, you are no longer in status for the K1 visa. From what I've heard, the I-797 from USCIS when they receive your I485 gives you permission to stay, but does that mean my wife needs to carry that around until she has her green card? What exactly should she be carrying around for ID/visa status once the 90 days is over? Currently waiting for SSN, then we need to do a name change (already got married, but court clerk screwed us and didn't change her name), then change name for new SSN card, then submit 485 package. Can we submit 485 package while we are waiting for her new SSN card (with new name), or should we wait to have it in our hands first? Thanks for the help
  3. When we got married I asked about it, but was told that we need a court order. Unfortunately, I've read that she needs to live in this county for six months before they'll do a name change. However, I've also ready that she just needs to fill out the form and we're good. I'm going to swing by the courthouse tomorrow and see exactly what is up. The lady who helped us last time was of no help at all. She rushed us through the marriage paperwork in an effort to go home a few minutes earlier.
  4. Definitely applied in her maiden name, just double checked the form. Also double checked the marriage license, it definitely has her name on it, and the maiden name box is blank. Think the court clerk screwed us on this one. We'll keep plowing through this stuff, hopefully our heads don't explode. Thanks!
  5. Good evening VJ! Short history- My fiance and I submitted the 129F last year in January, and finally got her approval in November. I flew to Japan to see her and some family/friends for new years, and we flew back to the states together two weeks ago. We were planning to get her SSN first, but ended up getting married first on Jan 14th because that's just how things happened. We have also applied for her SSN on Jan 18th, and are still waiting for it to show up. Would have preferred the other way, but not sure it would have mattered, as the courthouse was unwilling to change her name, and told us we need a court order (#######, I thought that was part of the marriage license/application). So now our plan is to get her SSN, get her driver's license, green card, etc, and then go change her name on everything. Super pain in the ### I think, but I don't think we have a choice. Anyway, we're now filling out her I-485 (probably will submit in a few weeks) and ran into a few questions. First page- the A-Number. Is this the number that appears above her name in the Beneficiary box on our I797 approval for her I129f? Page 2- Travel Document number - since she came in with her passport, we don't need to fill out the travel document number info? Page 2 - 21 - Date of last arrival........this on is tricky. Bear with me....... We flew from Japan to the states on January 11th. We had a layover in Toronto, Canada, which is actually a US port of entry. We went through US customs and border protection, they went through her K1 paperwork, stamped her visa on the 11th, and sent us on our way. Here we are, sitting on the plane, anxiously awaiting getting back to he US. The flight gets cancelled. Apparently they didn't have enough staff on board to meet requirements. A flight attendant was sick and couldn't make it. Their replacement was unable to clear US CBP before they closed for the night, so the flight had to be cancelled. Well #######, what now? We are ushered back into the terminal, and back through Canadian immigration. I was trying to get somebody to let us just sleep at the gate, because otherwise, we'd have to come back through US CBP, and K1 is a one-entry only visa. Nope, they won't let us. So we are forced through Canadian immigration, and get our hotel for the night. We arrived early the next morning for our flight (good thing too, things were backed up). When we went to speak to the border agent they initially didn't want to let her through, as she used her one entry the night before, even though we never actually entered America. After explaining the situation with the cancelled flight, the agent spoke to their manager, and said that she was free to enter the country. We land at our final destination, pick up our bags, and go home. Well now which date do we use? Her passport is stamped the 11th, but her I94 says the 12th. Page 3- number 2- applying based on INA 245i? since she's a K1 (family-based) this is a yes? Page 4- receipt number of underlying petition - is this our 129f petition number? Page 9- general eligibility - If she was a member of the girl scouts in her country, is this the type of organizations they want to know about, or just the not-so-nice organizations? Thanks a million in advance for the help! My brain is about to leak out of my head from trying to make sense of some of the super-vague questions, and we're both ready to just get this stuff done.
  6. I'm in the same boat. Trying to get my wife added to my insurance, but my company tells me she needs her SSN first. I'm trying to work with HR to see if the insurance company can add her anyway as long as I submit her SSN within the next few months when we get it. Meanwhile, wifey doesn't want to leave the house because she doesn't know what she'll do if something happens and she doesn't have health insurance.
  7. NihonJim

    SSN - Did I screw up?

    I'll talk to my benefits person at the office and see if they can work that out with the insurance company. I would really like to get my wife covered asap.
  8. NihonJim

    SSN - Did I screw up?

    Yeah, we're not worried about getting her into a job right away, just want her to get used to living here first. The important thing to us though, is to get her added to my health insurance, which my company says a SSN is required to add her. This morning we went to the SSA office and applied for a number. After waiting an hour, we finally got to sit down and go through the motions, but she didn't get it today. We were told that DHS couldn't verify something, so we have to wait for them to get back to us, and if we haven't heard anything after 4 weeks, to call back for an update. So for now I'll try to sit back and just wait, though my brain doesn't like that. In the meantime I might try to find a private insurance plan so we can at least get her covered for the month. Though I wonder if the plan would cost just as much as paying out of pocket for a doctor. blah, I need to stop thinking......
  9. NihonJim

    SSN - Did I screw up?

    Ok, so I went by the SSA office today, and they were open. So they MAY be issuing numbers during the shutdown, but I couldn't just ask them the question, I would have to wait about 2hrs in line to do so. So the plan now is to take care of paperwork tonight, and head over first thing tomorrow to try and get my wife a SSN number. If I understand correctly, we need the SS-5 application form, her passport, her I-94, and a copy of the RM10211.530 SSA instruction. Am I missing anything? Also, on the SS-5 form, what do I choose for her citizenship status? She's obviously not a US citizen or a legal alien allowed to work, but does she qualify as a legal alien not allowed to work or other? Second, for her parents' information, since they are not US citizens and don't have SSNs, do I check the 'Unknown' box, or just leave that whole line blank? Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. So after a long wait, my fiancé was finally approved and came to the US! My original plan was to go get her SSN, get married, change name on the SSN, then submit all the USCIS forms (485, 131,765). Unfortunately, with the US Government shut down right now, I can't get her a SSN (at least according to what I read, I can't right now). So with that up in the air, we went to the courthouse on Monday the 14th to pick up marriage license paperwork. While standing in line, we found out the lady in front of us was one of the county's licensed marriage officiants, so we got married on Monday. For some reason they wouldn't change her last name (possibly because without a SSN there is no record of her existing, so they can't change a name that doesn't exist?) We really weren't too concerned with getting a SSN right away since banking/credit cards/drivers license isn't a huge deal at the moment. However, I found out today that my employer won't add her to my health insurance without an SSN. Did I screw up and prevent her from getting an SSN until she has her green card? Or once SSA opens up again should we be able to get her a number since she is still here on a valid K-1? Thanks!
  11. Ok, one last question before I send it off! Supporting financial evidence- Per the embassy's instructions..... My salary is well over the poverty level, and I have a ton of savings in the bank. I have letters from my employer and my banks to prove it. Do I need to submit last year's tax return as well? The embassy says that it can be used as evidence, but it's not mandatory. However, I've seen so many people say that it is required. Has anybody gotten their fiance visa without sending in tax returns? I don't have a huge problem doing it, I just need to figure out where I stashed all that paperwork. Thanks again for the help!
  12. My fiance is filling out her DS-160, and has run into a big problem. On the left hand side where the different sections are listed, there is no page for the previous work history. How is she expected to fill out a page that isn't displayed to her? So I did a bit of playing around/troubleshooting..... On the left side you'll notice that under the Work/Educational/Training section it only shows Present and Additional. The red Next button shows that it will take you to the Work/Education: Additional page. Ok, sure. Now once you're on the Work/Education: Additional page and take a look at the Back/Save/Next buttons, you'll notice that the red Back button actually takes you to the Work/Education: Previous page, where you can fill out other job history, education, etc. I have tried this on two different computers, using three different browsers (Edge, IE, Firefox), all up-to-date. Has anybody else been experiencing this? Has anybody else figured a way to fix it?
  13. That's the tricky thing- I'm not military. I was there as a contractor, but still held the same visa status as the military (SOFA-Status of Forces Agreement). So while I was in the country legally, I was completely outside of it's immigration system due to working at the base. I'm wondering if at her visa interview they'll question how we were able to meet if I've resided here in the states for the last fifteen years. Maybe I'll send her two copies of the I-134, one with each date on it.....
  14. Good morning VJ! My fiance and I are finally in the last stages of getting her K1 fiance visa. Last week she got the letter from the embassy, and she's submitted the DS160. This week she'll be scheduling her medical check, criminal check, and her interview. I should be putting my I-134 in the mail either Monday or Tuesday, but have a couple questions before I send it. Thanks in advance for any clarification you can give me on these items! Part 1, question 12- date of residence This one's tricky. Well, not really, but for me it kind of is. I've been at my address for 15+ years. For a bit over two and a half of that, I was living overseas (where I met my fiance). I've been back at home since July of last year, so I currently have that as my date of residence. However, while overseas I was working on a US military base, so I was technically still a resident of my state, not of the other country. Which date do I use- the one from when I moved into this house, or the date that I moved back from overseas? Part 2, questions 9a-17 (beneficiary's spouse and children) My fiance doesn't have any children, and obviously doesn't have a spouse. Do I leave this completely blank, or do I need to put NA in the Family Name (Last Name) box? I've seen people doing both, so I figure either way is ok, just trying to figure out which one is 'more' ok. Part 3- Income and Asset Information (3-9d) I make well over the 125% poverty line, and have almost an entire year's salary in cash in the bank. From what I've read, I just need to send evidence from my bank and employer (have those already) and I'm good to go. Will that be sufficient, or should I include any other assets (house, car)? If I need to include my house, will a yearly tax assessment from my county suffice for proof of value? Will it cause confusion having my father as a co-owner? Part 3- Dependents' Information (10a-21) I have no dependents. Leave this blank, or put NA in the Family Name (Last Name) box? Part 3, questions 26a-37 (previously filed visa petitions) For 26a-29, I know that I must put my fiance's information in here. Since I have not submitted a petition other than hers, do I need to put None in the Family Name boxes for the other spots (box 30a, 34a)? Thanks again!