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    Both big fans of the same musician we met online on his fansite forum in the spring of 2005. With the same sense of humour we often found eachother in silly threads, but for some reason his online name made me think he was female. It took a while to set the record straight :)
    After a few months of speaking only on the forum, one faithful saurday the forum was trolled up pretty badly. I fled, he fled, but not before looking up my email address and sending me a note.
    We started emailing that day. We exchanged music, wrote long letters, and got to know eachother better. So much better that every time I would now visit the forum and see his name on there I'd feel kinda bouncy and happy.
    After more emailing I sort of lured him towards MSN, so we could start chatting. I needed to know whether this far away man could be The One ... and he was.
    We met in person on dec. 28th 2005, on the Detroit airport, and everything we hoped would be, was. We got engaged before I had to leave for the Netherlands again.
    In April he came to visit me and my family, and we set a weddingdate: July 7th 2006. Quite fast, but we figured at 40 you're old and wise enough to know when something is so right it would be a crime to ignore it :)

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