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  1. Does anyone know if MaLo can / should file a Writ of Mandamus at this point? https://www.simonebertollini.com/immigration/writ-of-mandamus/
  2. TheKingmaker

    Evidence for ROC

    You seriously can't be that lazy, can you? It'll take you 5 mins to do this. Also, didn't you deal with this during your AOS phase? Again, with the Bank Statements - DO NOT BE LAZY! Just send everything you can. Cost you a few extra dollars to print? So be it. Worth it for the peace of mind. A TT report shows that you have filed your tax returns. An IRS transcript shows that the IRS has accepted your Tax filing. You can create a completely bogus filing through TT. Having gone through multiple US immigration processes, that's the advice we can give you.
  3. TheKingmaker

    Evidence for ROC

    Make sure you send the Tax Return Transcript which can be downloaded from the IRS website, NOT that Tax Returns. What you do mean by bank info? You need to send monthly bank statements with transaction history. Same with credit card info.
  4. I would like to take back what I said. I am not a lawyer - so probably not a good idea for me to give advice. What I standby is that we have never carried any proof of immigration in our 10+ years combined in the US and never felt uneasy about it. I will no longer comment on this topic. Back to discussing ROC!
  5. Anybody been to Puerto Rico on an extension letter?
  6. Vermont. It's on my signature 😁
  7. Received Biometrics letter dated 3/8 for appointment on 3/26. I was hoping they would let us skip. But at least this removes the uncertainty and doesn't interfere with any travel plans we had. Puerto Rico - here we come! Do you think we need to carry any immigration documents going to PR and flying back?
  8. Depends on what state you live in. Some states/cities will absolutely not allow police to cooperate with the Feds. Always found that rule silly. Never carried the Green Card - only the Driver's License. But I live in NJ, so if you live in a different state, might be different.
  9. We sent 3x5 printed at CVS for both AOS and ROC.
  10. Starting to get a bit antsy about not getting the Biometrics letter. know it's normal, but still something we'd like to check the box on and then forget out USCIS until N400 time in Jan 2020.
  11. Any evidence of this?
  12. There is not right or wrong time. Make sure that you explain in your cover letter that you will file your 2018 taxes in April. Good luck.
  13. TheKingmaker

    Form I-131 emergency

    Lol stop wasting more money!!
  14. Fire that stupid agency. Absolutely false information. Additionally, when you have a great resource like this forum - why would you ever go to an agency?
  15. Where did you hear that about the Newark office? Makes me slightly worried about our case. Although when one of us went through the Naturalization process, Newark Office was fantastic. Took about 4.5 months from mailing my N400 to having a US passport in the mailbox.