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  1. I served in the IDF (also mandatory conscription) and included a very similar explanation, was naturalized a few months back with no issues.
  2. They are mistaken - go to another location... You can apply straight away.
  3. Correct if you apply within 30 days at the passport agency they dont keep it, the post office is a different story... @Zombie69 I do a lot of domestic travel - flying almost once every two weeks so I applied for the passport card, just for the sake of another form of ID i can use in case something happens to my drivers license . Congrats and dont forget to go to the SSA office to update your records there.
  4. I served in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and answered Yes to those questions along with an explanation of my service and that Israel has mandatory conscription. As I am sure you are aware, this answer affects several others, such as 14C, 17 and 19 During my interview the officer and i spoke about these, there only real question was whether I felt I had ever violated the Geneva conventions. I was naturalized last month with no issues.
  5. I expedited everything - the application as well as the mail and received my passpport book, passport card and certificate all within 2 days of one another In total I had everything in hand about 2 weeks later
  6. I did mine at the post office so it was not - are you mailing yours in or via a passport office?
  7. If you are doing it via a post office the department of state fee must be by check and then the processing fees (usually $35.00) can even be put on a card, those are the two payments - see below
  8. Hey, I just got all of my passport stuff back this past week, I did my process at the post office, it was quick and easy. Needed my naturalization certificate - and a copy Copy of my drivers license Photo - they will use what you bring in if it meets the reqs. completed application in BLACK pen When at the post office, the department of state will only accept a check or money order, I did personal check you can see what the fees will be by going through the questionnaire located on the site below: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html
  9. You need to file a DS-4194 to the office of authentications - see below: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/travel-legal-considerations/internl-judicial-asst/authentications-and-apostilles/office-of-authentications.html
  10. Its just important to note that it will delay your N-400 processing and that you still will have to pay for the I-751 processing, when the officer found the error during my initial N-400 interview he was able to write me a letter to submit with my I-751 that there was an error with the classification on the GC which resulted in me receiving a 10yr instead of a 2yr, otherwise I would have been penalized for submitting the I-751 many years late. I also worked with my states senators immigration team to push the files along and it still all resulted in roughly a 12 month delay
  11. Being issued the 10 year card when you should have gotten the 2 year is a big deal, I know it happened to me. We only realized once I had submitted my N-400 and was sitting there with the officer for my interview - it landed up delaying my case by almost 1 year as I had to file emergency I-751 paperwork. Thankfully it all worked out and I was naturalized 3 weeks ago
  12. Thanks! I had my ceremony yesterday, it was great! All in all 80 of us took the oath from 40 countries. The only item that threw me off was the letter started 09:30, we arrived there at 8am to play it safe and all, and the ceremony only started at 11am - which was a bit tough on my kids who REALLY wanted a snack! The judge and the teams there were great
  13. Thanks for the info - I have my oath on 6/24, I've read about the long lines! Great to hear about being able to apply for the passport there and then and not having to schedule an appointment with the passport office across the road.
  14. Have you tried reaching out to you states senators office, mine was really able to assist in expediting my case. Re a lawyer; I did both my I-751 and N-400 on my own with no issues, I had a pretty straight forward case - apart from the fact that I had to file my I-751 many years past the due date due to a USCIS error on my GC. I had my combo interview last Friday and take the oath in 2 weeks
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