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  1. Congratss, when did you submit your documents ?
  2. U haven’t received anything yet ?
  3. Congratss, what was the date you submitted every document ?
  4. By signing into my CEAC account can I know if I have case complete ? How will I know ?
  5. Thanks for ur response so I can guide myself with time frame
  6. Hopefully. good luck. Please keep us posted when you receive interview letter which date
  7. What about the first time you submitted ?
  8. Congrats, when did you submit all documents ? How long exactly did it take
  9. Hello, when would you think they accept my documents I submitted mainly everything January 31,2019 and only 1 picture February 1,2019 thanks in advance 😁
  10. When did you submit documents before getting case complete ?
  11. I dont get. I tought there was only return transcript which was the tax transcript
  12. Hello when (date) did you submit documents online ?
  13. Congratss, what date did you submit the documents ? Was is actually sideways the passport bio page ,what do they mean by that, like was the actual picture upside down sideways ?
  14. Yeah I beileve the same you just said it all depends on the person reviewing it. Thanks hopefully looking forward for no RFE causing delays. I submitted my Ds260 January 30,2019 and all the documents I finished uploading them febuary 1,2019. Do they start counting from the first or last day of submission ?