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  1. RichMichelle

    South Korea K1 packet 3

    We just set up our interview date. When you get the digital Packet 3, you need to pay the Visa Application Fee before you can set up the interview. This step delayed us a bit. Also, I see you live in LA. If you are close to Koreatown, there are shipping companies that will (hopefully) deliver letters for a little less. I can’t vouch for them yet since this is the first time using a company like this but I sent my fiancé some documents yesterday and paid $10. The person there told me it should take 2 days to get to Korea. The downside is, I don’t think I can track the package.
  2. I have heard that this is possible but it is best to wait some time before you get married. If you were to get married too quickly, when applying for adjustment of status, it might appear that you were fraudulent when you came into the country. Since you did in fact change your mind about potentially staying it wouldn't be fraudulent but I have heard that it is best to wait. You probably should consult an attorney. I am not sure about the income requirements but I do have a friend that sponsored her future sister in law without any problems.
  3. I can't help with the state police of Michoacan. We ended up going to Mexico City to get this. We went to: Dirección General de Ejecución de Sanciones, Comisión Nacional de Seguridad Calzada de Tlalpan No. 2962 Col. Espartaco, Deleg. Coyoacan, C.P. 04870 Mexico City, Mexico The person that we met at the gate at also requested a letter from USCIS. They told us to get a letter from the US Consulate but we explained to them that no such letter would be possible. They relented and let us pass. We had to explain the situation to another person but that person also wanted the letter but again we explained our situation and that person gave us a number and had us wait. We got called to the window and explained our situation. The agent again asked us for the letter but we explained that USCIS does not issue this. She relented and we walked out with the letter after about 20-30 minutes. We are only at the NOA2 stage but we wanted to get the police clearance early. Good luck.
  4. We have a very rare case and was needing some advise/help with it. My fiance is a South Korean citizen but spent two periods of time in Mexico, first as a student studying abroad and the second working for a Korean company in Mexico. We are early in the process but want to get out ahead of the curve and get the police clearance letter. She lives in Korea now and I am in Los Angeles. What would be our best course of action in obtaining the police clearance? We don't really want to have to go to Mexico in person to get this so I'd like to know if there are companies that handle this sort of thing? Also, what kind of documents are required for the police department to issue a letter? And to complicate matters, my fiance legally changed her name in Korea right before we submitted our petition so her new name will not match with the name she used while in Mexico. 😂