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  1. Thank you so much for your answer. I was so stupid !! Thank you again!!!
  2. Hi! No I have not opened any accounts until now! Oh that's the reason!
  3. "valid for work only with DHS authorization" is written in my SSN. What is this? I tried checking my credit score in Credit Karma but it doesn't work
  4. My combo card is approved! I received it last week by mail !!!!!!! I appreciate everyone who gave me answers to my questions here. I'll also try to answer many questions as much as I can. Thank you all!!! P.S. Also, I-485 is "Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview"
  5. Oh wow!! Thank you so much for the info. Now I am so happy to hear that!! 😆💓💓💓💓 Thank you again!!! ☺️
  6. My case is ready to be scheduled for an interview BUT my combo card is still pending(no news for 162 days). What is going on with mine? Most of people here seem to receive the combo card first. Should I call the USCIS?
  7. There are so many people who have good knowledge and help others.... I've also just found that this website shows the estimated date for each process..
  8. How long does it take to get approved for I-131? My case has been 120 days . I miss my mom.....
  9. Hi, @Cheschirecat Wow! Congratulation! Thank you so much for giving me the info !!!!
  10. Now I know why I cannot get SSN now! SSN is releated to Employment Authorization!! Thank you all! I will just wait for EAD
  11. Hi! I didn't know I could apply for SSN with I-94 (The I-94 is expired), so I missed the chance to apply for SSN. After receiving NO1 for AOS from USCIS, I applied for the State ID card and received it. My question: Is it possible to apply for SSN with the State ID card or I have to wait until I receive EAD? thanks
  12. Hi @WaterLeaf Thanks for sharing the interesting news with me! I've just read the news article. I'm glad that I and my husband are financially stable. It's so sad some people would get denied with that reason.
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