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  1. @Ben&Zian Thank you so much for giving me details about this. I feel so relieved now. I hope I can get NOA 1 soon. Thank you so much again!!! @Lil bear thank you so much!! I will wait for it. And I will also check if they received my money order!!!
  2. @Lil bearThank you so much for your comment I worried about it so much. I'm so stupid.. I thought expiration date is the one written in the K-1 Visa (As you know the due date written in K-1 visa longer than the expiration date written in I-94)
  3. @Lil bear Thank you so much for your advice. Is there any possibility to be rejected by USCIS because of this?
  4. Yes I married my fiancé within 90 days of my arrive into US on K-1 Visa. Will I be fine?! Thank you so much for your advice!!
  5. Hi! I need advice about my case At first, I thought K-1 Visa expiration date is the date written in visa. However, the actual expiration date is written in I-94. So , I sent every paperwork & marriage certificate (I married my husband 1 month after entry date) in the expiration date of I-94. The documents were delivered in the next day. Do you know what's going to happen to me? Will I be exported? -- I married my fiancé within 90 days My expiration date: May 9 The date when I sent files to USCIS: May 9
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