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  1. Hi dxb, Thanks for your response. Yes, interview was over in local USCIS office. So, you say it is in Texas Service Center. Good to know! Thanks much, Tilottama
  2. Thanks Arken. Not blaming anyone other than my fate Yes, nothing more tod other than wait. Just would get some comfort in talking to someone in the same boat. Thanks, Tilottama
  3. Well, True. It does not really matter. Jut feel bad about the whole thing - having to wait for a very long time even after my interview is done...bad luck I must say - increased demand in this category and then going into retrogression Thanks!
  4. Hi Boilder, Thanks for your response. Yes, I am checking that. However, can you say which service center it will be stored at? -Tilottama
  5. Hi, I am an EB1 b applicant from India. My interview was over on Jan 31st but because the EB1 is in retrogression and has in fact gone back to Jan 1 2012 in the latest bulletin I am wondering how long it will take to get approved. Which service center does my case go to after the interview is done? I can check the processing times on the basis of that information. Is anyone else in the same boat? Feel so disappointed and helpless. Thanks and good luck, Tilottama
  6. Hi Boiler, Thanks for your reply. So, that something can be done to quicken the backlog processing. The thing is my daughter, and I are in the US. My husband is in India. His consular processing will start only when ours is processed. I thought being an EB1B applicant I will be able to hasten the process, and we can be together as a family. However, now EB1B for India seems to have been slowed down soooo much! Thanks, Tilo
  7. Hi, My PD is March 29, 2018. My interview got over on Jan 31st, 2019. I am still waiting for the green card because of the back log of EB1 in Visa Bulletin. Is it worthwhile to write to the local Congressman? Has anyone done this? Please share your views on this. Thanks, Tilottama
  8. Hi ColoradoBeauty, Thanks so much for your reply. All the best for your interview on October 25th! It took 11 months for you. I guess I just have to wait patiently Good luck to you! Best, Tilottama
  9. Hello! I am waiting for my interview call from the Denver Field office. My priority date for joint I-140 and I-485 application is March 29, 2018, and I applied in the EB1 B category. I-140 got approved on April 9th and I received the EAD combo card on June 29th. Then the last update I received was that my case has been transferred to the National Benefits Center in Missouri. And, then just waiting. Did any of you get interview call from the Denver field office? If yes, after how long? When was your priority date? Please share! It will give me some comfort. Thanks and Good luck! Tilo
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