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  1. Thank you!!! I reached out to them last week, probably that made an impact on my case too.
  2. Hi Fam!!! I would like to share a good news. MY CASE HAS BEEN FINALLY APPROVED, after almost 30 months!!!! SEPT 2018- I360 filed OCT 2018- RFE NOV 2018- replied to RFE MARCH 2021- CASE APPROVED Total silence from NOV 2018-MARCH 2021 NO PRIMA FACIE I couldn’t count how many times I reached out to my Senator and Congressman (also asked help from Ombudsman) If not for this group and its members I would’ve already lost my mind in the process. So thank you all so much @sandranj @TBoneTX @FeDaniela @Stillwinning!!!😊 @a1d1 @Gogetter18
  3. HELP!!! I’m a Sept 2018 filer and still nothing. I asked help from Senator, Congressman, Ombudsman. Today I emailed my attorney’s office if they could inquire for me. They said I should pay my remaining balance first before they do an inquiry. I was furious!!! First of all, they have changed my lawyer twice already and the lawyer that’s handing my case is not with the firm anymore. They never told me until I emailed them for an update a month ago and now they want me to pay the remaining balance just for an inquiry!!! Absurd!!! There’s just so much incompetence on their part and I dont think im getting the quality of service that I paid for. How do I get them out of my case? What should I do? The lawyer that filed my case is not their anymore and I dont think it makes sense for them to put my case on a new lawyer since we’re just waiting for a decision. Pls help!!! Any suggestions
  4. Yes, have been doing that but same response everytime. It's so frustrating. Contacted both senator and rep Thank you dear! ❤️
  5. Yes, that's correct. I've been in contact Sen. Gillibrand already and USCIS replied that my case is "under review by/assigned to an officer"
  6. Thank you! ❤️ @Stillwinning!!!😊 @luminarc @sheima
  7. same here! contributing for almost 2 years now. No VAWA approval yet. Sept 2018 filer
  8. For me, 2 years and 3 months. Still waiting Sept. 2018 filer Already contacted Senator and Congresswoman
  9. HI Everyone! September 2018 (NYC) filer here, still no updates Last update was on Dec 2018, which stated that they received my RFE. I emailed my Senator the other day but their response was my "case was still within normal processing time", which I don't agree with since the website says it's already processing cases filed in October 2018. I'll be calling my district representative tomorrow and see if they could help. Any advice?
  10. OMG! I still remember the days when we were so worried about our EAD renewals, look at you now I360 APPROVED! It means mine is coming soon 😁 I am soooo happy for you, i really am. Congratulations @Gogetter18 Thank you, Lord! 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️ Did you receive a notification on the app for the approval?
  11. Hi Fam! I just received my EAD/AP but i noticed it doesn’t have the fingerprint, it says not available. 2 of my previous EAD/AP have fingerprints on them, so im just curious about this one. Will it affect future travel?
  12. Received my approval 3 days ago. Filed on Nov 2019
  13. Wow! So happy for you! Congratulations on your approval! It’s good to see Aug approvals. September 2018 filer here.
  14. Hi Fam! Just an update, new card is being produced just today for my EAD/AP Renewal. I filed it on Nov. 2019 and my current EAD just expired last week. Thank God! Keep Safe everyone!
  15. Hi! Congrats on your EAD. I also filed my renewal by myself, i sent it on Nov 2019 and until now im still waiting and my EAD/AP is expiring next week 😕 i just really hope it comes soon. Im just getting really anxious
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