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  1. Yes, its a shame because I FINALLY found work here after so many months and ultimately the more research we do for our future in the United States the less sense it's been made staying here prolonging the process and complicating it.
  2. Hello all! i am a US citizens and my husband is. Singaporean citizen. We met while I was interning and working out here and Singapore and I have been here for about a year now. I have recently been offered employment here but we still see better opportunities and a life in the United States. I have not started the forms yet even the petition because we are just so unsure about so many things and want to understand our chances since it is all very expensive. So a few of my questions have been: - I had spoken with a legal assistant who informed me of the consular process after the I-130 petition in which I would need to have an income that is 125% above poverty line. But if I obtain a job in SG would they view the income the same ? Would they factor in the currency conversion? Is it in our best interest that I go back to the states for a bit to show income? ⁃ We hope to move to California to make it our home. Is it possible to just go there being that I am considered a New York State resident ? My current ID expired, but would there be anything official I would need to register or cancel to show I've moved or changed states? Ultimately we do not want to spend anytime apart in this process especially since some cases don't always run the expected duration. Is it possible or would it be in our best interest I go back for now before I start filing and start making US income? Thank you