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  1. We didnt know about the 90 day rule for getting married, we found this website after we got married..the good thing is that i arrived to the US on May 14th and we got married august 11th, which is exactly 90 days (if im counting right). The other good thing is that, like I said on my first post, i did come here to see my (then) Fiancee but first i arrived to Orlando FL, where i have family (i have visited my family in previous trips) to see them too and then my fiancee and i went to Indiana (which is the state where he and his family lives). We were thinking about consulting a lawyer but they are pretty expensive so for now i think we will just finish filling out the forms and send them as soon as we can. Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply! we really apreciate it!
  2. I’ve been reading i think every post on this website...this whole process is very nerve racking 😣 im super stressed 😥 but hopefully everything works out for us thank you so much for your reply 😊
  3. No, i came here to visit, mostly him but also somw family members that live in a different state. I arrived to my family’s state first then i went to visit him.
  4. (Writing from my husband’s account) so...my husband and i met when we were 6 years old at our elementary school, he came to the US to live with his family at the age of 11 and we lost contact. He became a USC and everything. He found me on Facebook when we were 20 years old and i was still living in Peru (year 2010) and we messaged eachother for about a year . He went to Peru to visit (he still has family in Peru) and we fell in love. He decided to stay in Peru (2012) and we started our relationship, he worked as a teacher. in 2016 we got engaged but we didn’t set up a date to our wedding because we weren’t on a hurry or anything. We did decided to live together as soon as we got engaged though. In January 2018 he wanted to move back to the US because he didn’t feel safe in Peru (couple of robberies happened to us) but i still had my job, my family and everything so I didn’t want to leave Peru. After a having a conversation about our future we decided to try to make it work with him living in the US and me in Perú, he came to the US in April 2018. It wasn’t long after we found out how much we missed eachother, So i decided to visit him (since i already had a tourist visa and have Visited the US twice). I arrived 1 month and a half later, initially i was going to be in the US for a month but finally decided to stay together...he told me we could get married and i could filed for a adjustment of status. We got married on August 2018. We are currently filling out the forms for the adjustment of status. My question is do any of you guys thinks we are committing fraud? or idk if anyone has had a similar case...any opinion will count thank you!
  5. I am the primary sponsor (USC) for my wife. My mother will be my joint sponsor (I-864) and my father will be what I understand the household member (I-864A). In part 5 of the form I-864A it asks for the the sponsor's promise: "I, THE SPONSOR [PRINT NAME] ...." Who is the sponsor in this case (I-864A) me / primary sponsor? my mother / joint sponsor? In part 6 it asks for the household member's promise. I understand that my dad who is completing the I-864A is the household member. Correct? Word confusion for me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance for any input.
  6. Thank you. I knew the answer, but thinking overthinking little details. I just wanted to make sure. I appreciate the response.
  7. I feel dumb asking this question but I've only written a check once or twice in my life. I'm completing the checks for I-485 and I-130. Should I write my signature or my legal name on the front part of the check. The USCIS page states I sign with my name, but I thought only a signature is valid. Thanks for the help in advance.
  8. Thanks a lot. I'll work on finding a solution to that as soon as possible.
  9. Thanks so much for your quick response. My spouse is in the US and entered with inspection. I am worried because I've only filed 2017 taxes while being abroad. I was planning on sending 2017's transcript and then all of the info from my Joint sponsor. If I understand correctly, I can't send anything until I get my taxes sorted out? Otherwise there is a high chance that the I-485 will be denied. Edit* I-131 is a form I didn't know about, thanks for the input.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'm currently working on a packet for my spouse. I'm planning on sending I-130 and I-485 together. 1. Do I have to send I-864 along with I-485 or can it wait until later. 2. I've been outside of the US for 6 years and I don't qualify to be a sponsor, do I still need to send tax transcripts even though I don't qualify? 3. My mother will be my joint sponsor and she's filing a I-864 as well, what document aside from tax transcripts should she attach to the form? 4. I completed all of my forms in blue ink (I-130, I-130A, I-485, I-864, I-765). Should I rewrite all of them in black ink? Have not sent anything yet. I would appreciate any help and information. Thanks in advance.