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  1. please note that these 6 months may be from the medical, not the interview.
  2. S/he was responding to me, and I wasn't referring to those specifically.
  3. I really don't know, but I don't think any interviews will take place until the DoS says so, since the suspension was global, not local.
  4. Not quite. Several European countries are opening up and yet visa services have not resumed. So while the rules of the country are a necessary condition, they are by no means sufficient, and are obviously not the factor that is currently preventing re-opening.
  5. Of course it is. People are not uniformly infected, and it is exactly your mindset and lack of giving a ####### that caused the US to be hit so hard.
  6. Oh well, since you're uninterested I guess we're not allowed to point out how selfish you are. 🙄
  7. It depends on the local doctor, but the generally applicable CDC regulations do not require Hib/Hep A/Hep B/Meningococcal/Pneumococcal/Rotavirus for adults below 65. Since Rotavirus targets babies, the WHO does not recommend the vaccine for anyone above 2, so I seriously doubt your husband was required to get it now.
  8. Can't help with the SSA stuff, but this ⬆️ is mind-boggingly stupid.
  9. In a time when people are forced to stay at home and stand 2m apart in public, sitting shoulder to shoulder on a plane while breathing the same air is truly sage advice.
  10. Some countries are ending their repatriation efforts, so such a flight may or may not exist, and won't necessarily be cheaper/direct if it does exist.
  11. The system as it is is just as susceptible to social approaches - even more, in fact, since employees at the office can be targeted by phone. People telework on FAR more critical data than your immigration details; we as a society have decided that the benefits of telework outweigh the risks long before this pandemic, and have come up with excellent secure methods to enable it.
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