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  1. I confused 48 months it was today’s letter, and previous was 24 in September
  2. I’m so sorry, for 24 months…. I do not know why I wrote “48” maybe I put together 24 :)) just joke
  3. I have a question, we got Extension letter for 48 months in September 2022, and today we got mail with the same Extension letter for 48 months, what does it means? Any experience
  4. I can confirm that expired Green Card with extension letter works in Dominican Republic, even if your original citizenship required Visa, with all of that no need a visa
  5. It’s not me, I couldn’t find official but in DR consulate I told today, they said if you have Green Card no need a visa even if for my country required visa without GC
  6. If you have green card for any citizenship no need a visa for sure I know about Mexico, we were 2 times and green card holders no need a visa with any citizenship
  7. My wife’s Armenia, for country required visa but consulate told me if she has green card then NO need visa, I said green card expired but we have 797 for extension, and she said that will be fine
  8. I just called to Dominican Republic consulate in Los Angeles, asked to apply for visa with national passport (because required) and they told me if you have a green card ( told them it’s expired) with extension letter OK, no needed visa, but how is true, anybody has experience?
  9. i have a question, my wife has expired GC (conditional) with extension letter 24 month till 2024, we want to go vacation to Dominican Republic, how it works? basically coming back because enter to Dominican with national passport need a visa, thanks
  10. USCIS got I751 on September 20, and only now we received notice about fingerprint on 01/03/2023, how long it takes after biometrics to get interview?
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