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  1. You might have meant well, but I wasn’t looking for comments about my husbands immigration status. I had specific questions and lots were commenting unrelated to my questions. Good luck to you as well!
  2. Thank you! I will do new forms and get the medical form as well.
  3. None of this pertains to my original question!! Why is this so hard to follow??
  4. I ACTUALLY haven’t committed a crime, so unless you are commenting on my original question please move on to another topic! he has a valid visa! And his immigration status was fully disclosed in both applications.
  5. Thank you for your concern, as I stated before I already became a citizen AND fully disclosed my husbands immigration status on my N-400. And I haven’t committed a crime. This isn’t part of my question, and I’m not sure why you or the other guy can’t seem to understand that?
  6. My husband had a valid visa. How did I commit a crime or assist him in committing a crime? I gave the USCIS full disclosure in both applications.
  7. Thank you that helps. yes the I-485 was rejected because of the priority date. my husband is in the US.
  8. I disclosed my husbands immigration status on my N-400 and the I-130 application was submitted long before I applied to become a US citizen. Nothing was asked during the interview. Satisfied? Please move on unless you’re answering my initial questions.
  9. For the medical, I wasn't aware we couldn't file for adjustment of status until priority date. I'm sorry, I meant to say we filed for the I-130. I was a green card holder and my husband came on a tourist visa.
  10. We applied for my husbands 131 and it was recently approved. Our initial application was based family sponsorship and I wasn't a US citizen yet. I recently took the oath and we are getting ready to submit the adjustment of status for my husband. I have a 2 part question. 1. When we submitted the 131 we thought we could file the 485 at the same time and weren't aware of the priority date requirements. When the application was returned it had a letter attached asking to re-submit when priority date became available. The forms that we filled out had an expiration date of 2017(the forms were printed from USCIS on April 2018), but now the form has been updated. Can we use the forms that previously filled or do I need to print and fill out again? 2. Medical form was completed in March of 2018, would my husband need an updated medical assessment? He hasn't left the US since completing the medical assessment. Trying to avoid having to pay another set of fees as this is expensive. Thank you in advance for your help :).
  11. I had my interview this morning and the officer said he has approved my application. Also said I should have my oath ceremony in two weeks or so. On on another note what happened to the Dallas field office thread for n-400? It just disappeared. Anyone else in that group?
  12. Finally got my interview date scheduled for 8/12. Dallas field office is finally moving 😁
  13. If you think south Miami is bad, try Dallas TX...I still have 20 months to go 🤣🤣 I would gladly take your 3-6 months!
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