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  1. Yes, we sent a copy of my husband's Indian passport, to show that he has Indian citizenship.
  2. Hello! Yes, we changed our embassy to Mumbai from Montreal. We sent an inquiry to the online NVC inquiry form, and provided proof of my husband's legal status in India in the inquiry. Within one week we were assigned a new case number for Mumbai. However, we hit a hiccup. A couple days after the transfer was complete (on October 15 2018) our case was put into administrative review at the NVC (our case was documentarily qualified September 21 2018). I have no idea why. They will not tell you why it is there, nor how long it will be there. During that time, you cannot be assigned an interview date. We were in administrative review for one week. Once we were out of administrative review, we received our interview date (December 14) a couple weeks later (on November 9). Again, I have no idea why they put us in administrative review, and do not know if our request for embassy transfer was related to it. My husband was denied a k-1 fiancé visa we applied for in 2014, so that may be the reason we were put into administrative review. But, I will never know the real answer: I can only speculate. I hope my experience sheds some light for you! Best of luck! Don't worry, you will eventually get done with this process and will be happy! I know how miserable it is to endure this.
  3. I'm switching consulates for my husband's IR-1 visa interview. However, our case is still at NVC, and we have not been assigned an interview date yet. Our Case Complete Date is 9/21/2018. We sent all required information for the Consulate transfer (Montreal to Mumbai) to AskNVC. My question is, at what point are we put into the NVC interview queue for the Consulate we are transferring to (Mumbai in our case)? Will we not be put into the new interview queue until we are assigned a new case number? If this is the case, how long does it usually take to be assigned a new case number? I'm concerned this will end up slowing us down, and have not been able to find reliable information on this topic on VJ.
  4. Thanks for the response. Out case is still at NVC (case complete 9/21/18), and we have not been assigned an interview date for Montreal yet. I hope NVC can make the transfer happen in a couple weeks.
  5. Hi All, I am switching my husband's IR-1 interview from Montreal to Mumbai. I called NVC to ask them about how to do this. They told us you need to submit a request for the consulate transfer to the "Ask NVC" form, and include proof of eligibility to interview at the consulate you are requesting. If anyone has had any experience with this, is this all that one needs to do to change embassies? I have seen some threads where people said they had to contact the embassy they wanted to switch to as well, to make the transfer happen. How long did it take for the entire transfer to be completed (e.g. 2 weeks, one month, etc.)? Any information one has would be appreciated!
  6. Sounds like a wise decision! My husband is an Indian citizen living in Canada, so we are in the process of switching his interview to Mumbai. Best of luck to you!
  7. It really slowed end of July. For some end of July folks, it's taking like 97 days from Case Complete to the actual day of the interview, which is cruel and ridiculous. I don't know why people are just sitting back and taking it. I'm mad as Hell.
  8. Is there any reason to believe IR1/CR1 interviews for Montreal will finally begin speeding up? Interview assignments have drastically slowed in July and August of this year. Even if my interview is 3 or 4 months from now, I just want to know when it is. The uncertainty drives you crazy. And every time one attempts to call NVC, you get the response "there is no timeframe for interview assignment..." It's much more likely that aliens from a distant galaxy will invade the planet than the NVC will give you a helpful response.
  9. really_angry

    Working from home to stay with spouse

    I was just wondering if anyone has swung working remotely during this horrific/torturous/inhumane/painful IR-1 process so they could stay with their spouse? If so, any advice on having this conversation with a manager/supervisor? Did they understand?
  10. really_angry

    Montreal Interview Assignment

    I haven't seen anyone with a case complete date past July 21, 2018 be assigned an interview date in Montreal, Canada yet. Can anyone comment on this unacceptable slowdown in interview assignment? Is this usual for Montreal? Is Montreal always this slow in assigning interviews, or something extraordinary going on? I've almost had it with the inhumane IR-1 process, and the insensitive robotic responses I get from agents when I call NVC. If this takes much longer I'm quitting IR-1 and joining my husband in Canada. Also, I would appreciate "helpful" responses (not generic responses I can figure out on my own).