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  1. Thank you @treppenwitz @Dazz for the guidance--and apologies to the group if this blew up. I think both of you have some good points and I want to think that we are okay to travel given the evidence. Also, thanks @Shiran for sharing the link. It for some reason says travel info is unavailable but maybe I'll check back in it with it. Congrats to everyone who got their NOA1 & biometrics in this thread... I'm seeing some people did--waiting on ours still as we sent it in on April 30. Being patient.
  2. Thank you both @treppenwitz and @Dazz for the insight. It definitely makes the decision to leave much harder..(as we originally planned to do a 2nd wedding in Israel A.K.A a 2 week trip on AP but maybe it is best we wait until GC). I do want to point out that I also was under the impression of what @treppenwitz said regarding K1 law to marry within 90 days, which we did, but nothing was signed or stated in the I-129F, I-797 or anywhere else that said we needed to FILE within 90 days...and it looks like there is some research that supports that fact.
  3. That's good to know! My only question is about the advanced parole...if we get the travel document and leave the country (for example 2 weeks long) and come back in...will they consider the original I-94 from the K1 visa an overstay? I heard that once the I-94 expires, it is considered an overstay and I wouldn't want that to be a red flag while traveling and coming back into country..
  4. Just here to say that I barely made it onto this thread group but here I am...sent in the package today finally (15 days after the I-94 expired). We got married within 90 days but filed 15 days after the 90 day K1...I hope this won't be a problem
  5. When applying for the I-131 with I-485 and I-765, there is an option to request multiple-entries, which we checked off and are applying for. I heard that when you apply for I-131 for multiple entries that you need to place a separate cover letter on top of the form explaining why you are requesting multiple entries. Something to the effect of...’I wish to visit family for the holidays and understand that the green card filing can take an uncertain amount of time, so during that time and I am requesting you consider my application for multiple visits through advanced parole.’ Has anyone else done this and is this required?
  6. It really is crazy..less likely to provide more benefits when that employee has better quality of life. And yup, they don't offer any 'spouse plan'. I would just be adding him as a dependent as they don't give special rates for 'bundling it'--just the same cost of a separate individual.
  7. Safe to say that healthcare is extremely expensive but extremely necessary. Crazy amount for your hospital stay and thank God you were covered. Unfortunately, my employer can only provide the same coverage plan that I have so we can't really 'shop' around within the carrier. We may just have to settle for the $800 each a month until he gets his EAD..better to be safe.
  8. Thanks for the thought. We did not look into it...that is not a bad cost but will have to take a look and compare and what specifically it would be covering. Sometimes the higher premium comes with more coverage, which he will need.
  9. That is so nervewrecking! Hope all is well now and thank god there was coverage. I know it is needed and think we will go this route...
  10. Hi jersey neighbor Thank you and yes we did get his SSN already. I think the employer insurance may be our best bet only because the coverage will be better than if we went with exchange and from what I'm seeing in this thread...it may be worth it because God forbid something happened and he racks up a big hospital stay like some others explained, then it could pay off to have the better coverage.
  11. Yeah...that's what we're doing. Checking out individual plans on the market place...looks like decent coverage so far and he really just needs it for a few doctor appointments until he gets work authorization...
  12. Holy....that's INSANE. So happy for you that you had coverage. Life is worth the money and I hope you are doing better now!
  13. Okay, we are looking at exchange now and can try to compare. I feel like we can get something for half that price. What did you guys do? Did you go on your spouses employer plan?
  14. My plan is $749 but my work covers $750 of health insurance so I'm technically not paying "anything" so we would be paying $750 for his + dental and vision which comes out to $810 to add him.
  15. It just seems like $800 a month is excessive for healthcare. I know it is necessary to have it but I thought maybe we could find one more affordable and wasn't sure if he would qualify for medicaid given his immigration status.
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