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  1. We heard that @sandranj she is in London now , not sure when she is coming Back . Also I was trying to ask her about G 56 and still waiting for her answer . Wishing she will get back to us very soon and Read our questions . We need her advise .
  2. You need to talk with lawyer ASAP . You have 30 days to Reopen or Motion and you have to approve to USCIS why you couldn't to get the stamp with Reasons you need to approved it . Please you need to hire lawyer .
  3. Please gave us more information because what you are saying is confusion . Don't worry you still have 30 days to reopen the case or motion and you have other options that you can file new 485 and sending letter to your local office asking them not issue NTA based on you filing new 485 so there is not any removal processing . All it depend on what happened exactly with your pervious case and more information Will help us to give you the best advise .
  4. Can you please gave us More information about your case as timeline Etc , We can help you . What's you are saying that your pervious 485 was on hold vawa got approved and you went to second interview ? Can you please clear this information .
  5. Thank you for helping me . I Don't know is that something I should worry about or Do something about it or not . Or just they made it by mistake Instead they Put (A) word they put (T) word . If anyone see that's something serious and I should do something about it please let me know .
  6. Yes Please thanks . It's only on G 56 letter which the local office sent it to me .
  7. Yes , Very strange . I don't understand it !!
  8. I am wondering . A Number it should be Only numbers . Without any words . Could you please mark the line copy and paste which it says mean spouse on USCIS website . I can't find it . Thanks a lot .
  9. Do you have the thing with your A Number ?
  10. Hi Guys , I might have crazy question . Does anyone knows what is the mean ( T ) word when it comes Before A Number ? For Example A Number : T*********
  11. I am so glad to be a Member of this Great Visa journey website .. All Amazing people are here . The Best people . Thanks a lot amazing people .
  12. Perfect, Thanks a lot .. Please keep us posted . I will keep praying for All of Us .
  13. I think you need lawyer to go with you better . We will never know what could happen in this strange interview .
  14. I will hear from my lawyer also waiting for @sandranj answer very important for me . Thanks lot my Dear .
  15. I made appointment with my lawyer for tomorrow morning .. Hope Everything will be okay . Because It seems my letter for G56 little different than @Totoro letter . Don't know why ??