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  1. Received USCIS message yesterday that my case was approved and a new card was being produced - Nebraska SC. This is about a month after I got my biometrics done.
  2. Looks like you got your green card in October of 2016. I got mine in November 2016. I thought you had to wait until the 3 year mark of green card receipt, and then we can only apply for naturalization (meaning I would have to wait till November 2019) . Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.
  3. Nebraska Service Center - received my biometrics letter couple of days ago. It's scheduled for 6.11. Glad things are finally moving.
  4. Has anybody with NOA issued in Nebraska SC gotten any updates on biometrics? I called about a month ago, and was told they haven't started scheduling biometrics yet.
  5. Has anybody with NOA issued in Nebraska SC gotten any updates on biometrics?
  6. Has anybody gotten their biometrics notices yet? Anybody tried calling USCIS to inquire about the biometrics?
  7. Got my NOA today. Whew! Case received on 8/13 and NOA dated 10/20.
  8. That's great news your congressman was able to help you and your husband. I will be contacting my congresswoman Monday. Thanks for the heads up! I do find it hard to believe they mailed NOA's when they say they did. There are about 15-20 of us waiting on NOA's and our checks were cashed around the same time. I think there was some kind of a glitch in their system or USPS is at it again.
  9. It's normal. I sent my application to California service center . Check was cashed in Arizona. My receipt number starts with LIN. There's a few more people in this thread in the same boat. They are transferring our cases all over the place. My check was also cashed on September 24th and USCIS told me I can call them October 24th and file a service request for the missing mail if I don't get NOA by that date. I would recommend you do the same thing.
  10. So I have a theory about what's going on. We sent our paperwork to California Service Center in August. Our cases got transferred all over the country due to the backlog. For example my check was cashed in Arizona, some people had their checks cashed in Illinois or Texas. When checks were cashed we were given a case number (receipt number) by those service centers. Now, if you look at your receipt number, the first 3 letters tell you which service center is handling your case. My case starts with LIN which means Nebraska SC is responsible for my case. This means that my paperwork got transferred again- from Arizona to Nebraska. Most of us have a problem checking case status on USCIS website, and USCIS agent told me yesterday she could only see my case in one of her systems but not in the other. I think this means my case has not been processed by Nebraska SC yet and a NOA has not even been issued yet. I'm not trying to spread some false rumors. I'm just trying to understand why it's taking them over 2 months to send us NOAs. Even if I'm right, where do we go from here? Next week I will be able to file a missing mail request and maybe that will finally get things moving. It is very frustrating. I feel for all of guys who have to deal with the expiring driver's license on top of all of this. Thank god my driver's license doesn't expiry for another couple of years.
  11. I hear you. My 30 day mark since the letter was "sent" will be next week. Then they will be able to file a service request for the "missing mail". Service request can take up to 30 days. What a mess.
  12. Just called USCIS and they are not able to help either. Apparently they have 2 systems and one system shows the same info we see on Dhs and the second system doesn't return any results. So basically they see what we see. They told me to wait 30 days since the date my case was registered and then call them back again. They will file a service request which will also take 30 days to process. Don't know what is going on with our cases (seems to affect applicants who sent their paperwork mid August through end of August) but feels like we are in some kind of limbo
  13. My receipt number only works on Dhs web site. Doesn't work on USCIS. My receipt number starts with LIN.
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