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  1. When we submitted the petition, we front loaded the application with proof of in-person meeting (3 trips documented), chat logs, and call/video logs. Since then, we've documented 4 more trips and have compiled additional chat logs and call/video logs. I want my fiancée to take a copy of what we submitted with the original petition as well as the new documentation. What would be the recommended way of putting these documents together? Should we keep what was originally submitted separate from the new documents, so we can just hand over the new documents if asked? Should we separate each section to include both the new and old documents together? Maybe it doesn't matter too much. However, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Jason
  2. I'm trying to culminate a list of documents that need to be presented more than once at multiple stages in the K1 visa process, as both me and my fiancée try to maintain our sanity. I see conflicting information as to whether the CFO Office will keep the documents or just look at them. She will go to the CFO Office in Cebu. Any documents that only need to be presented once are not listed here. Here is the list: BIRTH CERTIFICATE (3 originals, 1 copy): 1 original for interview, 1 original for CFO, 1 copy for CFO, 1 original to bring with her to the U.S. CENOMAR (2 originals, 1 copy): 1 original for interview, 1 original for CFO, 1 copy for CFO PASSPORT BIO PAGE / VISA PAGE (2 copies): 1 copy for CFO, 1 copy for medical PASSPORT PHOTOS (3): 2 for interview, 1 for medical DS-160 CONFIRMATION PAGE (2 copies): 1 copy for interview, 1 copy for medical Is this correct? Please feel free to correct and/or expand. My fiancée already has 2 originals of her CENOMAR and 3 originals of her birth certificate, so is it necessary to get any more originals? Thanks! Jason
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