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  1. Received my card today. Took 6 days from approval. On to the next step
  2. The stated processing times are horribly inaccurate. I got my ROC done in less than 11 months from Nebraska. Actually you’ll be glad you got a LIN number in a few months!
  3. Those estimates are wildly inaccurate: check what it says for nebraska. A lot of cases from CSC are being transferred to other centers anyway. I don't think it changes things for you, especially if you want to vote in the election, if you wait for a couple of months.
  4. Bariki for what it’s worth I think it’s better if you wait. My ROC took 11 months. They’re picking up the speed on ROCs. As you can see from others experience sometimes the service centers aren’t even talking to one another. I predict you’ll get yours in 2-3 months. Why not wait?
  5. I never received a California number. I was in that weird batch that was sent to California but never processed there since they were so behind. My package was routed to Nebraska after being in California for a month, with the check being cashed in Chicago
  6. Both the sites say the same thing now, interesting that the dhs uscis site was slow this time. Not a fluke! Still getting the GC!
  7. Thanks! Not sure yet. Norway doesnt allow dual citizenship, but is likely changing the rules in 2020. Perhaps I will apply early to get citizenship in time for the election, hoping that Norway changes the rules before then
  8. Well the USCIS DHS site still says Fingerprint Review was Completed, but the uscis.gov says new card being produced. That is strange
  9. Well that’s it folks! Just got the New Card Is Being Produced message! Now I’ll be checking the mail every day until I have it in my hands. Late August 18 filer Application was routed from California to Nebraska. Had LIN case number Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  10. Congrats! Do you mind posting some details? What service center, and when in august you applied?
  11. Just do a walk in. That’s what I and several others have done
  12. Texas seems to be slower than Nebraska. I am at Nebraska and a very similar timeline. All the cases around my receipt number are still pending except for two (checked 500). It’ll still be a while
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