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  1. I would try to persuade her so we can file now. Thank you!
  2. I have asked and she keeps saying that there are some professional nuances that she knows and and that is better to wait for my 10 y gc or for the exactly 3 year anniversary (depending which one will be the earlier) to apply for the N400. I have nothing to hide, we are a happily married couple, looking forward to an even happily life together. I was thinking to call another lawyer for a second opinion and I think that I will do so! Thank you for your response AlluringSoul! best of all
  3. Thank you for your reply, Elmkiety! My husband and I are living in the same house and everything is great. I will email my lawyer again to give me reasons why I shouldn't apply for the N400. She insisted that we wait for a full 3 year period of time to apply for n400 if I don't get the gc by the 3 year anniversary. I will contact some other lawyers for a second opinion, but I think I will fill out the application online by myself, because 3 months weights a lot in this processes! thank you and good luck to you, too!
  4. Hi, everyone! I have been following this thread for a while, without being registered to this website. What I wanted to say is that tomorrow my 3 month window opens for N400 based on marriage. But my lawyer says that if I don't have the permanent green card approved yet I can't apply for naturalization. She says there is a trick something, but doesn't want to say what. I've been already waiting for this permanent gc and I was really hopping to apply for N400 as soon as possible, and now I dont know what to do, to go ahead and apply by myself or listen to my lawyer. Is there anyone that shares the same story as me? Thank you all and have a great week ahead with many approvals. Bye!