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  1. Thank you so much. The documents remain the same as stated on the website. However, the demand for any document so much depends on an individual. Mine was basically the international passport, a single passport photograph and the medical report. Others had the police report included plus other documents. So, basically it depends on an individual application. On the whole, it is always important to go with all the listed documents since no one is sure of the exact documents that would be requested for. All the best....
  2. Congratulations in advance dear sister. It will be a positive reply once he drops it by God's grace. Remain hopeful. This phase is over for us all by God's grace.
  3. I can't wait to break this news. I finally got an approval this morning after a long time of waiting for an appointment. It was the simplest of all the stages. I got approved within 3 minutes. I return the glory to God. Thank you so much Visa Journey family/thank you August/September CC friends (Lagos). You all have been so great. Awaiting more good reports from others who are still in the interview room. To those waiting for an appointment, I wish you speed too. Just be rest assured that it will come. Thank you all.
  4. Hallelujah! This is a complete package... Congratulations @Possible... Finally. Congratulations everyone... praying for others to experience this bundle of joy too.
  5. So, so short of words... I got my interview date too... PD: 11/13/2017 CC: 8 /24/ 2018 interview date: 3/4/2019 Thank you Jesus! Thank you all!
  6. Haha! Thank you my newly found sister and encourager @ O&O(Same CC: August 24)...😀 I found Annielle's interview date as a source of hope for us despite the difference in Embassy. I say Amen to your prayer...
  7. I really need to rejoice with you. Congratulations @Divergent. You see the irony of life! The other time you mentioned your CC, I was like ahhhh welcome on board. You still have 'seniors.' We all never knew it would be this 'fast'. I can't do less than to wish you a huge congratulations🕺. Keep praying for us. Enjoy!
  8. Having done everything within our power, God is at work, he is not tired of our cases. This is a very hard time, but we will keep holding unto God. I hope to update us after receiving a reply from Lagos embassy via our Senator. Shalom!
  9. Wow! Congratulations! Did you get the email today or you noticed it today? I'm just thinking aloud. This means Interview schedule is still on going for Lagos embassy applicants. 🙏
  10. Finally, Congratulations! Can you tell us your priority date please maybe this will encourage us a bit. Many thanks.
  11. Oh! Amen. Kindly keep us posted once you hear from your senator especially that he has a good record with you. Honestly, the issue of Lagos embassy is so frustrating! You are right with other embassies with prompt expeditious actions. I guess so many factors are responsible for this slow and unfavorable actions in Lagos embassy including the ones we can't explain. If I may ask what's your CC, and PD please? Mine: CC: 24 August, 2018. PD: 13 November, 2018. Ofcourse, you are aware we have other friends with similar dates on the platform.
  12. Well, I guess the holidays affect interventions. Within 24 hours of contacting our senator, we received a feedback asking us to fill the privacy release form. That was done immediately on the 19 December, 2018. So, we really believe they are taking steps but the holidays must have slow proceedings down. So, let's keep hoping something good will come our way this coming week. To those senators willing to take steps, it's either they come up with further information on the delay at Lagos embassy on some cases, or they are able to push for an expeditious action. The delay is quite overwhelming, but God will see us through. More updates please! Thanks.
  13. Lagos embassy... Any update please? We are hoping for a positive reply from our Senator, while equally hoping that the August/September CC are naturally favored in this ongoing schedule. Update from all angles please! Let's break the silence since iron sharpens iron. Happy Holidays. 🙏💪✌️
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