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  1. I used a scanned copy back in November last year and they were fine with that.
  2. I’m in Scottsdale near Phoenix but I have a feeling I might be getting an interview in Tucson since they are using other field offices to make things quicker.
  3. Yay!! Interview has has been scheduled today! Now the wait to see where and when.... I’m still super happy and excited though.
  4. Ok, so not sure what is going on here as I just checked my status and found this! I never even had an interview scheduled but it seems to have been canceled? Anyone else had this? I suppose I will just have to wait and see what if anything comes in the mail.
  5. So so pleased for you!! We were interviewed around the same time and I can't even try to understand the emotions you guys must have been going through! I wish you lots of luck for everything going forward!
  6. I think this might be why you got Tuscon. https://www.facebook.com/228759177135310/posts/2520341494643722?s=845114237&sfns=mo
  7. Did the update say an interview HAD been scheduled or was READY because ready doesn’t mean much. That depends on which field office you are having your interview. It could be anything up to 2-4 years! Or you could be in a lucky one that schedules in a few days.
  8. I am a few weeks ahead of you and I’m also not liking the Phoenix processing times! Good luck to you!!
  9. Not much progress but it’s still progress! Hopefully I get my EAD/AP approval soon too. 😁
  10. I am in the same boat as you! Actually our dates come pretty close. I need the EAD asap so I'm hoping for some luck. Good luck.
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