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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing. I also received PF Dec 26th. My receipt date one week earlier than you. Let keep in touch. 😊
  2. Any OCT-NOV-DEC 2018 fillers receive 180days Or 1years Prima Facie? Thank you
  3. One last question, Did you get work permit from filing a relief in court or from USCIS after your case approved? My lawyer told me that I can only get work permit after filing a relief in court. Thank you
  4. I’m in similar situations. But I don’t have master hearing yet. Not even the court system. May I ask... Did you apply for any relief in order to get a work permit on that day? I wondered you have to wait for your next merit hearing 1.5years. Will you be able to get a work permit during this time?
  5. Vawa cancellation should be your second choice if I360 denied. Why wouldn’t you ask to put your case docket on hold until your I360 approve? So you could adjust status in front of the judge. Please read this.... Unless you believe you have a very strong case of battery or extreme cruelty by your USC spouse, I would suggest that you focus on the I-360 because the Vermont Service Center is much more sympathetic and the standard of proof is much lower, requiring only "any credible evidence". If it is approved, you can then file an I-485 with the IJ. The VAWA cancellation is much harder to obtain because you need to show extreme hardship, among other things.
  6. @Jawithlove May I ask, you are in removal proceeding, and you already knew before you file I485.that Only EOIR has jurisdiction over your case not uscis. What your lawyer suggest you what to do next? File motion to terminate to close your case in court? or put court docket on hold?
  7. @Florecita_Bella Some people I knew, received EAD without finger print on it
  8. “To be determined” I don’t know much about FOIA that’s why I don’t want to give you wrong information. But you can request your immigration record to find out.. Some Lawyer charge $500-$800 just for that.
  9. I received NTA in March. Date and Time on NTA is “TBD” My case’s not yet in the system. Long wait for immigration court dockets. But your lawyer could find out for you. I’m not sure about request FOIA. Ask your lawyer.
  10. On denial letter stated that you have to leave US within 30days. Officer could send it anytime after 30days has passed. Did you receive NTA? If not how did your lawyer find out? Did you have denied letter?
  11. You should call domestic hotline number to get help from them. There are many agencies in NY helping with free of charge.
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