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  1. emerlee85 - I just saw this post, and I want to let you know that I actually have an appointment in Boston at 7.10am on Thursday 2/7, which I may not be able to keep (and have to make a new one).  I was about to cancel it last night, but I thought I can just do it later.


    If you need it, we can coordinate the time, I can cancel it and you need to wait in front of the computer to grab it.  Let me know.

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    2. emerlee85


      I agree. I see some did not submit things like tax returns etc... I would rather over supply than not. 


      Well good luck! Hope it is quicker than the 15 month timeframe.

    3. GBOS


      So if I get approved in 15 months, that will be June 2018, I could still become a citizen by the end of the year, if Boston continues to take about 6 months on N-400.

    4. emerlee85


      Good plan. I think I go ahead and apply in April once I am back. Someone I know got an interview after a few months. So it's moving pretty fast in Boston.



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