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  1. Hello! I am from South Korea and I applied to Los Angeles English Language School. I just finished with the military and I am looking to improve my english to take the test for a job in Korea. The fastest way is fully immersing myself in American culture and environment. I am planning to start school on July 1, 2019 and I just got approved for the school. They sent me an I-20 so I need to pay the Sevis fee to make an appointment for the interview. Do anyone have any tips for the F-1 interview? Is there anything I specifically need to prepare for the interview? My ties to South Korea are my elderly parents that I need to come back to support. What other strong ties can I use for the interview? Thank you!
  2. Haho

    Question about F1

    Yeahs because I was thinking aviation would require more fluent knowledge of English so that’s why I thought about that. I have a Aviation maintenance degree from South Korea but I’m trying to get certified to get an FAA in USA. I would think that’s the best idea.
  3. Haho

    Question about F1

    Well I just wanted to brush up my English and get comfortable in the area before I start aviation school. It is quite expensive so I would like to do well without having problems with English. I figured it is a good way and I did contact a few schools that have Korean representatives. I just wanted to see if it is a good idea and would transferring to aviation school be a problem in the future
  4. Haho

    Question about F1

    Oh sorry I just corrected it, I was researching about visa and i got it a little mixed up.
  5. Hello, I am from South Korea and I am interested in applying to English school in San Francisco. I was doing research and saw that there are many English schools in San Francisco. I was wondering would this be eligible for F1 visa. I was thinking of taking half a year to a year worth of English classes and then apply for community college to get a aviation degree. Would this be possible and can you tell me where I can start for this? Thank you!