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    Reba got a reaction from TBoneTX in The Average Household Spent $1,760 on Clothes in 2007 -- Here's One Way to Cut Back   
    Shop at Goodwill. The ultimate in reduce, reuse, recycle. And skirts are only $3!
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    Reba got a reaction from hikergirl in Canadian/American Flag   
    I have about half a dozen of them. Not available in the US, but can be found in some dollar stores in Canada in the summer time before our national holidays in July. Sharon and Zen found a bunch in Montreal, and then about a year later my Mum found some in a dollar store in Ajax I think it was.
    They're not full size flags tho, just the size mentioned above, like you can put on your car window. They're novelty flags, and go against all flag flying etiquette of not just the US but also Canada and any other country who has a flag. But we can wave them if we want.
    Proper flag etiquette is that the flag of the country where you are (in my case for the moment would be US) is the largest, and/or on the highest pole. Flags of other countries should be smaller, or and/or on a shorter pole, or on the same pole as host country, but below. Flags should be raised at dawn, and lowered at dusk, and *never* flown during bad weather. This goes for state/provincial flags, as well as country flags.
    Flags should be retired and replaced when they start to show wear or get torn. Flags should also not be flown upside down, this is the signal that you've been attacked and invaded. So unless you've been attacked and invaded, your flag should always be upright. For those unfamiliar, (like the colour guard in Atlanta ) the Canadian maple leaf should be flown all points UP.
    If you Must hang a Canadian flag vertically or use it as a curtain on a window, it should be displayed thusly:

    If you wish to hang the US flag vertically, it should be displayed thusly:

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