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  1. Hm, weird. I successfully expedited my EAD based on job offer alone. No other proof.
  2. I hope you’ll get an update soon! Good luck to you and everyone else waiting!
  3. Guys!! My I-765 changed to “New Card is Being Produced”!!! I am so happy I got teary eyed. I had already postponed my start date for the job once and I was dreading having to do it again but now the miracle happened! I have no idea if the Congressman’s office made it happen or it was just USCIS getting to my case, but I do not really care! I can finally start working and not be a couch potato. I am writing my EAD expedite timeline here, maybe it helps anyone: Oct 17 - Placed the request via phone Oct 18 - Received email to fax job offer, faced the same day Oct 26 - RFE was mailed for I-485, all cases on hold Nov 7 - USCIS received my response to the RFE, cases resumed processing Nov 15 - New card is being produced I am elated. Now I don’t really care how long the interview for the GC will take. I will be able to work and live as usual, taking my mind off it. Good luck to everyone!
  4. Still nothing on my expedite request. Here’s the timeline: Requested expedite over the phone - Oct 17 Faxed evidence - October 18 RFE on I-485 was mailed - Oct 26 USCIS received my response to the RFE - Nov 7 I’m aware that the RFE put all my cases on hold between Oct 26 - Nov 7 but now they should have resumed processing. I also contacted my Congressman and they put in an inquiry with USCIS. My employer was nice enough to extend my start date to Novemver 26 instead of 13. I don’t know what else to do to get this EAD in the next 2 weeks.
  5. My I-485 status updated to “We received your response to the RFE”. The Congressman is also keeping in touch with USCIS on my behalf. Does anyone know when I should be expecting my expedited EAD from now? Request to expedite - Oct 17 Faxed evidence - Oct 18 RFE for I-485 was mailed - Oct 26 Response to RFE was received - Nov 7
  6. @kdatgc that means the officer has mailed you a letter requesting evidence instead of emailing you. You should receive it soon.
  7. My I-485 status updated to “We received your response to the RFE”. The Congressman is also keeping in touch with USCIS on my behalf. Does anyone know when I should be expecting my expedited EAD from now?
  8. Requested to expedite on October 17, faxed proof on October 18. They mailed out an RFE on October 26, I received in the mail on November 3. Today I mailed out the response to the RFE with express mail and will arrive tomorrow. I hope they will process my response and get that EAD going. I'll have to talk to HR in my company and delay my start date.
  9. Yes, I know. My request triggered the review of the entire packet, which is honestly a good thing. At least it will be dealt with now rather than 4 months down the line. I just hope USCIS will get back to working on my I-765 soon after they receive the response to the RFE.
  10. My status on the I-765 is at the second “review was complete” which came after they received my job offer fax. It’s stuck there because of the RFE on the I-485 which resulted in all cases put on hold. Sucks but oh well. I am 99% sure they would’ve approved the EAD on October 26 had it not been for the RFE.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I think the employer will be willing to allow me to start later if the EAD doesn’t arrive on time because they already hired me and gave me access to their employee portals, etc. The hiring process is expensive for employers so they would rather wait for me another week than start over again with the recruiting process. I guess I have that going for me. I will respond to the RFE as soon as I get it and will mail it back with express delivery. Hopefully they will take action in my I-765 case next week.
  12. Yeah, that’s annoying thinking right there. I requested an expedited EAD based on job offer and financial hardship because this is the only USCIS criteria I was fitting in. We are not, by any means, struggling or dying of hunger. My husband makes more than enough to support us but I have several bills in my name (auto, internet, electricity) and in USCIS’ eyes, no income. So this is how financial hardship is justified, it doesn’t mean we haven’t thought about it beforehand and we’re starving now. I believe this whole “you should’ve thought about it before applying” comes from those who didn’t know or didn’t have the option of expediting their EADs and are now bitter about it.
  13. Today I received an update on the I-485 that they mailed out an RFIE. I am assuming it’s the courtesy letter for the medical exam. If it’s the courtesy letter and not an actual RFE, will it impact my EAD expedite request?
  14. I have requested to have my EAD expedited based on a job offer letter and financial loss on October 17 via phone. The next day I got an email requesting me to fax the job offer, which I did the same day. Case status had 3 consecutive updates “case assigned, sent response, review complete”. After that, on October 24 I got another email from USCIS saying that they received my evidence and I will be notified of the decision shortly. Case status also got another 3 updates identical to the first ones (case assigned, sent response, review complete). I haven’t received the decision or any other status updates. I also involved my Congressman who placed an inquiry for me. My start date is November 12, so I’m really hoping to get it approved next week at most to have time to be delivered by the 12th. Did anyone else expedite recently? Do my updates sound similar to yours? Thanks.