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  1. hi Lucero, 

    My husband also had TPS our interview is finally schedule in Tegucigalpa.  How is your process going?

  2. I just received mine in the mail as well, you are right I didn’t receive a email or text or anything! Again Congrats and I pray that the rest of your process goes in all your favor !
  3. I just received my approval in the mail(usps)!! NOA1-03/21/2018 NOA2-09/13/2018 Texas Service Center I was obsessively depending on a text/email/or update on my account so don’t depend on receiving your notice through them, check your mailbox marchies!!! I actually found out an hour before We were approved because I called with questions about having to do an address change and the rep updated me that the petition had been approved so I came home and ran to my mailbox and there is was 🙏My situation is probably different than most of everyone on here and I wasn’t sure if I would be receiving and approval this fast, my husband is from Honduras but he is here in the u.s. with a work permit under temporary protective status(tps), so I am not exactly sure how the process works in our situation but the approvals are here for the people in March for Texas Service Centers, all other centers stay positive if we are here that means you all are close too !! God is good and may he bless all our situations and process! Also nothing on my account has updated not on new or old website, I never got the double case was received how some people were saying, I never got any notice of your case is being worked on or there has been a change on your case, nothing of that! So just because you aren’t seeing any that doesn’t mean anything !
  4. Congrats !!! If you don’t mind me asking how did you receive the notice ? Text?email? Or did you just know by checking your account? My NOA1 is 03/21/2018 and I am Texas service center too still waiting but hopefully we hear something soon
  5. Congratulations !!!I have the same date but I’m Texas service center. How did you receive notice? Mail?email? Has it changed on your account ?