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  1. so happy for you the fastest approval even you had RFE 💐💐💐 congratulations
  2. OMG I love this congratulations so happy for you
  3. We are praying for you for everyone it will come very soon
  4. He said that I need to wait for him there are a lot of things that he can't do relationship yes I understand but he said that he doesn't expect that I'll wait for him that's his opinion sorry if I disturbed you
  5. Even we created names for our children so many plans ... Sorry that I'm so honest to tell everyone here about my life but I'm so sad and nobody understand me When he proposed me my parents reaction were like so far who is he then I said to my fiancé that they just need time
  6. Only one time I haven't been rush about to get marry he wanted it I suggest wait at least after 8 months because that time I worked in American company in third country so I thought maybe I can transfer to America so we can know each other better but he said it's too long time to wait also we are not so young we wanted at least five children build a big family get old together
  7. We also already applied for K1 but after that he started like testing me one day he can say I love you next day I don't want get marry etc Finally he said I can't do anything I asked what do you mean he said exactly what I said and he said at first he will not do anything with K1 then he said he will cancel it I said ok as you want but still he didn't cancel it I am getting crazy by checking every day and waiting when he will cancel but still I love him also before he said that we need to live together
  8. Yes I had my advise please don't even try to get it it's almost impossible they are 100% right you already applied for K1 you can visit only through K1 I think
  9. When I registered in old site which is egov.uscis they wrote as I understand received date and accepted date I think that's why difference because in old site in column "last updated date" means accepted date but in a new site they don't mention about received date only when they accepted actually )) just my opinion
  10. Surely you're right about children also I'm sure that they knew what they were going to do and with conditions as I can see not because of feelings of course
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