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  1. just regular white sheet saying that case is refused under 221g and sent to USCIS for reconsideration.
  2. Nothing. they gave 221g refusal only because they are not satisfied.
  3. Thank You Geowrian. So I need to send withdrawal letter to California service center as they are the one who approved my petition. If I sent to CSC then I dont have to attach withdrawal letter in I-130 correct? Is there any standard K1 withdrawal format?
  4. Hello, My fiancee K1 was approved from USCIS but refused from consulate on 221g and they returned to USCIS for reconsideration. I don't think they will revert me back soon, therefore I am getting married and filing for CR1 I-130. So my question is, do I need to send withdrawal letter for k1 to USCIS before I file I-130? what should I write on I-130 question: Have you ever previously filed petition for this beneficiary or any other alien result section? -- Its Approved/Withdrawal; refused, Denied, refused on 221g??? Please help. Based on question CO asked I think its refused because of lack of Bonafide relation.
  5. Hello, I did court marriage in India but marriage registration certificate is all in Indian language. I made english translation and notarized. So when submitting I-130 for spouse do I need to send only english translation or it require original copy as well?
  6. Ok. So I can file from India by putting my US mailing address and Physical address of India in I-130? Can I do that?
  7. Hello, I will be traveling to India and will be staying there for a year. During my stay in India my friend will be staying in my apartment in US. Can I complete my I-130 form from India and send it to my friend in US so that my friend can file my application from US? My address will be from USA.
  8. were you in the United States or in Overseas when your husband filed I30a on your behalf?
  9. I am filing I-130 for my spouse too so just curious! why did you get RFE?
  10. Hello, I have quick question regarding I130a supplement signature. My spouse is overseas and will not able to sign the form so I am filling out I130A. Just to clarify.. we don't need no signature at all in I130A form correct? Just leave all signature place blank even though I prepared for her right?? I am just double verifying it just to avoid any RFE's.
  11. I mean should I need to enter in Relative section 6.a or in 2.a?
  12. Hello, I have a quick question regarding i-130. 2 year ago I filed I-130 petition to my sister. USCIS received it and sent me a letter with a priority date of Jan 2015. As petition of sibling takes almost a decade, it will be sitting there till priority is current. Now I am filing I-130 petition to my spouse. In Part 5 Question: Have you EVER previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien?. Do I need to mention about my sister petition? If Yes, then where exactly I need to enter the information. In relative 1 section 6.a or in 2.a? Pls find attached screenshot.