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  1. The company need my original passport because they will send it to immigration to renew my contract.
  2. Hi guys, hope someone who can gave me advice on what to do? heres my situation. I process my k1 fiancee visa here in taiwan though i am a Philippine citizen.i got my interview march 18,2019 but i got lock to administrative processing until now. I submitted my 221g documents with my passport april 10,2019 but until now my case status is AP. Which is i dont know when they gonna approve my process and get my passport. I badly needed my passport now because i will finished my contract this september and my company asking for my passport to renew my contract. I tried sending email to the embassy but they just gave me a number which i can’t call. I dont know why? Anyone can gave me advice ? I appreciated a lot.
  3. Hi guys,im under AP status too. I submitted my 221g document april 10 2019 and my case updated april 15 2019 AP. I am confused because i theres 2 case status appear in CEAC with my the same case number the one is under AP updated April 15 and the other one is “Ready” for interview updated April 22? Its 1 and half month now waiting for new update.
  4. Hello good day, can i ask question? Because i am confuse regarding the 2nd interview at the NVC? Im in AP status from the date of my interview march 18 2019 and updated april 15 2019 still AP status? I am confuse because when i check at CEAC theres two case appear but the same case number which is both mine. But the thing is the other one case status is READY for interview updated april 22 2019? I am confused now because im done with my interview which they gave me 221g paper which i already submitted those documents together with my passport then why the latest update says ready for interview? anyone can gave me advice what to do. I appreciate it guys.
  5. Thanks for the info it help a lot and gave me hope. We still need to be more patient for this waiting game but still hoping and praying for the good result.
  6. Hi everyone! Good day! Heres my case hope someone can gave me some advice on what to do especially who process here in taiwan though i am a Filipina. I have my interview march 18 2019 but i missed to comply 2 documents the Taiwan/ Philippine Police certificate and the Co ask for some more evidence of relationship from the start I've known my fiancee. So to make it short im under Administrative Processing case status. Then April 10 2019 i submitted those documents but due to no phone back up we dont have a conversation from the moment i meet my fiancee. We decided to delete the apps we used to communicate before. But good thing i have some IG and Facebook post which have some comments of me and my fiancee. I decide to include all those to my 221g documents. My question is how long shall i wait to find if my case is approve or denied? Because when i check my case theres two same case number that appear which is the other one is “ready” for interview updated april 22,2019 and the other one is “administrative processing updated april 15,2019? Its almost a month now and still the same update?
  7. Why it tooks so long? What documents your wife missed? Are you in a process of K1 -visa too?
  8. Hello guys, can i ask someone who are under administrative processing? I got interviewed march 18 2019 but due to lack of documents the CO put me into AP. I submitted my 221g documents april 10 2019. Its already almost 1 month since i submitted my documents but still my case status at CEAC is under AP updated april 15 2019? Im worried because theres a 2 case appeared in CEAC which is the same case number but the other one status is “Ready” for interview which is updated april 22 2019?
  9. It made me curious too? The console saw a lit of pictures of me and my fiancee together with my family and relatives. He also saw the flight booking and boarding pass. I also gave him some of screen shot messages and facebook post. The only thing i dont have is the conversation of the 2 months since me and my fiancee met. Should i write a letter and include it to the 221g when i submit it? Thanks for the concern guys. I appreciated.
  10. Hi guys good day. Any help for my issues after im done my k1 visa interview the Console gave me 221g because i missed a police clearance from the country of my origin and supporting evidence of relationship: messenger,line records from the month me and my fiancee met. The problem guys is we both deleted our account on the apps where we first met and chat. His company send him here so we are together and no chat logs happening. We both dont have back up from our phone. But we have a lot of pictures posted via instagram and facebook. Is it ok guys if ill send the screen shot from instagram and facebook post as our supporting documents? Because we really cannot retrieve any conversation from the month they looking for. Any suggestions and help guys for me to not worried of denial my visa application? Thanks a lot & Godbless..
  11. I hope its the same. I just need to prove the genuine relationship with my fiancee. Still thank you for the info. 😊
  12. Thank you so much for making me at peace of mind. Im really worried because i proccess here at taiwan and my fiancee is at the US which is hard to get the wet signature. I will update my timeline on my process. Godbless all.
  13. He mail it to me because I-134 affidavit of support should be original with wet ink signature.
  14. Me and my fiancee got problem fill up the I-134. He missed to fill out the part 7 regarding the intend to support page 4 part 3 item number 38. It will took 5 days to mail another documents and my interview date is 4 days from now. What should we do? Is it ok if i print out the page we missed ? But i cant find the same type and size of a paper he used? Any suggestion what to do? Many thanks for your help guys.
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