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  1. Yeah it is frustrating to be in a black hole. It really tested the relationship? I can’t see the reason why they put your fiancee in AP because of resume? Where did she got her interview? I process here in Taiwan but I came from Philippines? I am bit worried til when this AP end? I only have 1 year and left to work here. My fiancee also contacted his congressman a couple months ago and the embassy still didn't gave specific timeline for AP. But still we are hoping and praying for soon approval. We've waited for 7 months now.
  2. Guys is theres someone who is the same situation with my process? I am a K1 visa petition and done my interview march 18 2019, The CO gave me 221g for lack of documents and supporting documents of relationship chatting june-july 2017 when we first met. I send back then all of those documents except the supporting documents which we already delete and we dont have back. But i send them some proof from social media which we got some comments and post to each other account. All those i mailed them april 10 2019 and until now i am stuck at AP. When i check the CEAC it says “no status” nonimmigrant and “administrative processing”immigrant? My medical already expired sept. Can you gave us any advice what to do? Thanks and appreciate it alot in advance. Godbless
  3. Lack of documents. My Philippine Police Certificate, recent Taiwan Certificate and supporting documents of relationship chat messages from June and july 2017. Which i submitted April 10 2019 and stil stuck to AP until now.
  4. Is theres a reinterview after your in AP status? I am curious? Im in AP for almost 5 months now.
  5. My police certificate in the philippines,recent police certificate in taiwan and another supporting documents of relationship from june to july 2017 when we first known each other. Which is i told the CO that weve meet in tinder but then we decided to delete it when we known each other. So we dont have chat log from that month and also we are together that time. But i send then some facebook and instagram post of us together with some comments. I am OFW here in taiwan and he is a Vendor sending by the company.
  6. I have my interview march 18 2019 and received 221g. They put me under AP and i submitted my 221g documents April 10 then until now my status is AP updated june 25 2018.
  7. I took my medical march 5 2019. I will send them email and hope to got a reply or soon approval. Thanks guys.
  8. Hi guys, Good day! i just want to ask on what to do about my case? I am under AP case status and i am worried about my medical will expired sept 5, 2019? I dont know when or how long ive been stock in AP but still hoping and praying for there soon approval. Its almost 4 months now for waiting game and i dont know what action should i take? Do i ask the embassy if need to retake my medical again? Or should i wait for them to inform me what to do? My process is here in American Institute in Taiwan AIT. Hope for your advice guys it really help a lot and appreciated aswell. Godbless.
  9. Hi guys, can i ask what why my application id under non-immigrant visa says”no status” then i used my case number under immigrant it says”AP” until now? Ive been waiting for more then 3 months now.
  10. The company need my original passport because they will send it to immigration to renew my contract.
  11. Hi guys, hope someone who can gave me advice on what to do? heres my situation. I process my k1 fiancee visa here in taiwan though i am a Philippine citizen.i got my interview march 18,2019 but i got lock to administrative processing until now. I submitted my 221g documents with my passport april 10,2019 but until now my case status is AP. Which is i dont know when they gonna approve my process and get my passport. I badly needed my passport now because i will finished my contract this september and my company asking for my passport to renew my contract. I tried sending email to the embassy but they just gave me a number which i can’t call. I dont know why? Anyone can gave me advice ? I appreciated a lot.
  12. Hi guys,im under AP status too. I submitted my 221g document april 10 2019 and my case updated april 15 2019 AP. I am confused because i theres 2 case status appear in CEAC with my the same case number the one is under AP updated April 15 and the other one is “Ready” for interview updated April 22? Its 1 and half month now waiting for new update.
  13. Hello good day, can i ask question? Because i am confuse regarding the 2nd interview at the NVC? Im in AP status from the date of my interview march 18 2019 and updated april 15 2019 still AP status? I am confuse because when i check at CEAC theres two case appear but the same case number which is both mine. But the thing is the other one case status is READY for interview updated april 22 2019? I am confused now because im done with my interview which they gave me 221g paper which i already submitted those documents together with my passport then why the latest update says ready for interview? anyone can gave me advice what to do. I appreciate it guys.
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