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  1. Does she have EAD already? Just wanna ask coz u are from minnesota too right? And how long till she got it?
  2. I remember my husband he hates paperworks too. He got arrested and he doesnt what to tell me the reason and tell me what happened so i was so worried that they might ask me about it.Thats my biggest fear,we always fight about it.Unfortunately the CO ask me about it. I said yes and ask me the reason im glad she didnt ask the year and what happened or else im dead!! I think u have to be open to him about what u feel,ur fear,ur worries. Cry if u need to it helps u to feel better.Why did he said ur too smart?Did u say something to make him upset? Ask him if he still want to do it.Dont worry about interview its not that scary. And also pray for it. Moving in the United States is much harder than doin paperworks or any interview.
  3. July 27, uscis received it july 31, Its weird coz it supposed to be 2 day delivery though. But I'm thankful that they text me right away because of ICE thingy its scary to go out without any proof/document. They havent mail me though.
  4. We have same receiver. I got my text messages last tues. I'm sure you will get yours soon. The night before the text my husband call the bank if the check already been cashed and it was not I was very worried coz my visa expired that day too. Im shocked when i woke up the next day!
  5. We have a same person who sign for our package delivery. Did u use fedex too? @Javier Mera
  6. i just followed the I-864 instruction for the pay stubs. i actually confused why i did include the bank statement, well my husband keep insisting to include it so why not. lol!
  7. Hi guys! can you check if my cover letter are ready to go or something is missing. thank you very much!!! My Name address address United States USCIS PO BOX 805887 Chicago,IL 60680-4120 NATURE OF SUBMISSION FORM I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust - Original Submission FORM I-765 Application for Employment Authorization FORM I-131 Application for Travel Document July 21, 2019 To Whom it May Concern: Enclosed please find my form I-485,filling I-765 and I-131 at the same time and all the supporting documents. My eligibility is based on family-based category as a spouse of XXXXXX, Petitioner of my I-129f Petition of K-1 Fiancee Visa with receipt number WACxxxxxxxxx. FORM I-485 Payment G- 1145 E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance Form 1-485 Copy of 1-797C NOA 1 of I-129f Copy of 1-797C NOA 2 of I-129f Copy of Marriage Certificate Two passport-style photograph Copy of passport biographic page Copy of birth certificate Copy of passport page with nonimmigrant visa Copy of passport page with admission or parole stamp Copy of Form I-94 Copy of DS-3025 Vaccination Documentation Worksheet Form I-864 Affidavit of Support Petitioner/Sponsor Birth Certificate Tax Return Transcript for the year 2016,2017,2018 Employment letter Pay Stub for six months Bank Statement of six months FORM I-765 G-1145 E-Notification of Application/Petition Form I-765 Copy of Marriage Certificate Copy of passport page with nonimmigrant visa Copy of passport biographic page Copy of I-94 FORM I-131 G-1145 E-Notfication of Application/Petition Form I-131 Copy of Marriage Certificate Copy of passport biographic page Copy of passport page with nonimmigrant visa Copy of I-94 Copies of documents are exact photocopies and I understand I may need to submit original documents to an Immigration or Consular officer at a later time. Yours truly, XXXXX ----------------------------------------------------- i'm also asking about what u guys answered on this question. thank you again!
  8. hi again. I just wanted to ask question about filling up form I-485 in adobe reader. my address is kinda too long and I dont know how to put everything in street number and name. is there anyone experience the same and what did u do about it. and also problem in using number in other question. for example is, asking about status on form I-94 which is k1 visa holder right?? i cant use "1" on it.
  9. Can I ask for advice on what to answer on Legal name 1.a? Should I put my married name, the one I have in our marriage certificate? Or my passport&visa name? Thank you.
  10. i'm sorry but i cant call the CFO hotline i did my best though. they replied on my FB message and they did not allow me to reschedule my appointment. it's sad coz we can't watch endgame together. @Hank CFO is the last requirement for k1? just wanted to ask to double check , i'm nervous that i might forget something.
  11. my schedule is may 7, are u interested? but we dont know if CFO will allow us. i will call them on monday to ask about it.
  12. you mean they update the calendar on time? what if i did schedule already. can i reschedule it earlier if there is available slot?
  13. i know but april is full already. so if they want to cancel/reschedule it might as well i'l get it, hopefully it is possible. T.T
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