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  1. Hi everyone i just want to know, what should i do about my 10 yrs old daughter Philippine passport,were about to renew it next month together with my 6 yrs old daughter also who was going to get a new PI passport,my concern is should i put on my online application that they have Us passport? is the immigration will ask for more requirements like the certification from Bearue of Immigration and my 10 yrs old traveled with me last 2016 to Dubai to visit my sister.i got her PI passport for not declaring she has Us passport last time,im wondering maybe if i do that again they can trace on their system that she use her Us passport and PI passport when we traveled before. Hope i can get a response on this site.TIA
  2. Hi Hello everyone,i am diverly,me and my husband decided to delay the process of our petition becoz of what we been going trough,we on NVC stage now but we dont pay the AOS and ds-260 too. I just want to know if its ok what we are doing,is there anybody here have a same situation of me,coz its to risky for us to move in US i have 4 kids with me,and im not sure if we will make it to stay there,and i dont know if theres a job for me coz i heard its 50 million american filed unemployed because of this situation.My Husband was working in afghanistan as a technician in US base.And he cant go home with us here in philippines not like before that he can go home evry 4 months.We got approved by NVC last March 6 and the covid was announce after a weeks so the lockdown start and get worse,and until now we dont do nothing and just wait when the things get back to normal.hope anyone here can give me some advice to coz i getting worried coz maybe our petition will get lapse or expired if i dont do nothing,and i just hope that the NVC give us more time to process our petition.Thanks so much for evrybody that can help me God bless us all Diverly Garrett
  3. Hi evreryone,i just want to ask if how many days or weeks can u get answer after u sent email to NVC for expedite? Thanks for the answer

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