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  1. Regarding the form I-130a for spouse visa. I downloaded the form and when typed the information it wont let me use comma or point. So my question is is it pretty normal or do i have to download a new one and please send a link. Thanks!
  2. Similar to our case we rented a house but no official receipts and neither our names were on the bills.
  3. Is it necessary 3 yeara of ITR? How about if just one?.because my husband just gotten back to his work.
  4. led

    The Start

    Good Luck on your journey.
  5. That is pretty nice! Congratulations! Btw, would you like to share your journey in IR1 visa. I would love to learn.
  6. He is in my Philippine insurance like Philhealth and HDMT as one of my benificiary and we loaned appliances that both our names were there and also on the school ID of our daughter.
  7. We actually have lived in PH for many years and we didnt own any property or have joint account.. we just rented apartments - we got 2 receipts left due to super typhoon and then stayed longer in a rented house which we were not issued official receipt by the landlord.
  8. Is it possible the attorney would notarize even without official receipt. All i have the water bill and electric bill under the name of the owner.
  9. Tourist visa. He just keep extending. Ok thanks we are going to attach that!
  10. Thank you! ill do that..
  11. Congratulations!How about financial support, is it required in the beginning process or just before the interview?