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  1. Hello Everyone!!! I just filed my N-400 online. My earliest day is today, 12/13/2018. However, the USCIS website showed me Hawaii Time!!! I completed everything at 1:28 am on 12/13/2018, EST. It is now showing that the time is 8:28 pm, HST, which is Hawaii! Please tell me what should I do. I will keep post the timeline later to tell you guys the story. OMG...
  2. That is a normal time frame. I see some people have been waiting over a year.
  3. Thank you very much. I checked processing time on USCIS website. The waiting time frame is 9-15.5 months. How is the interview? Is it very hard? Or, it is just a series of routine questions?
  4. Thank you very much for the info! Yes. That is what I found on this website. Mostly 6-10 months.
  5. Hello Everyone!!!! I am going to file N-400 in Long Island Field Office in December 2018. Could you give me some advice? Is filing online a better option? What is the processing time now? I will early file my N-400 in December 2018. I got my green card in March 2014. I will update my process here. If anyone has done with Long Island Field Office, please give me some advice. Thank you very much.