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  1. Hello Guys, I filed my N-400 on December 13, 2018, in Long Island field office, NY. I received Bio appt on December 15 and walked in on December 18, 2018. Since that, there was no progress. Nothing, absolute nothing. Very quiet, deadly silent. When did you get your interview scheduled? Is this a normal phenomenon? I am pretty cool with USCIS now. You know, like the zen type. I am trying to do meditation based on their poor performance and bad service. They successfully increase my tolerance in this bureaucratic attitude. I called them one time. They put me on hold for 35 minutes. Then, a customer representative told me that they were in a severe backlog and I was in the normal time frame. I think she probably asked me to patiently wait and shut up. How're your stories. Do you have any positive feedback? I want to get back my confidence in USCIS. I think they are just a bunch of good guys trying to work hard to earn money for living. No intention to spread out my bad feeling on my experience. Just curious about their workload and performance. What is actually happening in our immigration system?
  2. Hello Everyone!!! I just filed my N-400 online. My earliest day is today, 12/13/2018. However, the USCIS website showed me Hawaii Time!!! I completed everything at 1:28 am on 12/13/2018, EST. It is now showing that the time is 8:28 pm, HST, which is Hawaii! Please tell me what should I do. I will keep post the timeline later to tell you guys the story. OMG...
  3. That is a normal time frame. I see some people have been waiting over a year.
  4. Thank you very much. I checked processing time on USCIS website. The waiting time frame is 9-15.5 months. How is the interview? Is it very hard? Or, it is just a series of routine questions?
  5. Thank you very much for the info! Yes. That is what I found on this website. Mostly 6-10 months.
  6. Hello Everyone!!!! I am going to file N-400 in Long Island Field Office in December 2018. Could you give me some advice? Is filing online a better option? What is the processing time now? I will early file my N-400 in December 2018. I got my green card in March 2014. I will update my process here. If anyone has done with Long Island Field Office, please give me some advice. Thank you very much.
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